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2.28 then if it is 1.28 the system detects the unread value from 0.20x I will I wrote 10 conditions I will go over them once we complete it then let’s check Gmail and that training and that’s tap it 0.70 or 27 I’m just going to enter the top it is 1.27 Gospel

Over 26 and I have seen it lifetime I was supposed to touch this and Until It lifetime 0.18 before I start I need to get my token here with an infinite extension so this is the app token I’m going to paste it in these fields by the way soon probably

We will add blue ratings here too now they’re openc for now and now we can start building all right all right let’s see what’s going on now I this is the first time I’m building on this uh I can’t all right so right now I sent a

Bit of 4.20 to final years three layers and the max speed is topic is 0.29 as you see I just cut myself here if I wanted to be more cautious I would have written 0.2 here 0.02 here I’m sorry here and then I will then put myself

Here and if I wanted to be even more cautious I would have written 0.03 and I would put myself here so it’s up to you right now it’s kind of risky what I’m doing I’m going to get the most point not the most point I’m but I’m going to get a

Good point somewhat because I’m taking more risk this guy’s getting the most actually then we are getting the second most points however it is risky because if somebody except happens to accept seven bits all this leather is going to be consumed so it’s up to you all right let’s check our other bits

Foreign Auto let’s check it first 0.27 now I put myself here for this one I was being more cautious I think you got the points right because for this one for my bit to be accepted there is going to be like 144 office they have to be consumed

Then these ones and then it is going to come to my letters so for me I will probably put myself here or maybe even here I don’t know uh it’s it’s really that it’s about that personal choice uh I can go the on over the other ones for instance foreign

It placed a bit of 0.14 but you see this and it is looping and looping and looping I forgot to go over the blueprint document so I’m just going to add this part to the video in this part we are going to be going over the different conditions and how they and

See how they affect our results meaning how they affect the value of the offers we sent in all the conditions our default with is going to be 0.01 we are going to be changing under bits and our Max bits this is our Max bit the maximum

Value we are willing to pay this column represents the highest bit on bluish so in this case if my default width is 0.01 my underbit value is 0.01 my max speed is monitorium and the current max speed on the collection is three ethereum the

Results is going to be 0.99 so I will be sending a bit with the value of 0.9 planetarium this is a very similar case if my max speed and current max speed on the collection are both planetarium the result is going to be 0.99 if my default

P10 under bit values are 0.01 actually default here doesn’t mean anything because it is already very under the results so it could have been 0.05 the result will be still 0.99 however if you change under bit value which is the case here the result value will change but

Before we go here we have another condition here if my default bit is 0.01 and repeat value is 0.1 again 0.01 again max speed is one current max speed this time is actually below my max weight the highest bid on Bullard is below my Max Speed value and then the system actually

Undercuts the current Max bit on the collection which is 0.5 by my under bit value which is 0.01 and offers 0.49 in this condition we change the 100 bit value we increase it to 0.05 from 0.01 this time my Max bit is 0.53 current max speed on the collection is all 0.5 and

Then the result is 0.5 minus my under bits and it is 0.45 in this case default with this 0.01 and the bit value is 0.05 again my max speed is 0.18 it is the same as the current high speed on low and then the system again extracts the

Under bit value from the max value and the end result is 0.13 this is going to be the value you will be reading if you want to check these are the conditions and these are the results so this is actually how these values are calculated in the backend

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