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Future & Spot Trade LONG Setup:Ethereum, Sol, Dots & matic/entry & targets #crypto #bitcoin #binance

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Future & Spot Trade LONG Setup:Ethereum, Sol, Dots & matic/entry & targets #crypto #bitcoin #binance
Future & spot trade long setup #ethereum #sol #dot #matic

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1st trade setup
DOT scalp setup
Entry: 6.3
Exit: 6.65
Trade setup: futures, isolated order, *3 lev, 5% capital

2nd trade setup
SOL trade setup
Entry: 32.9
Exit: 33.5
Trade setup: isolated, *3lev, 5% capital.

3rd trade setup

ETH trade setup
Entry 1: 1290
Exit: 1370

Entry 2: 1230
Exit: 1270
Trade setup: isolated, futures, *3lev.

4th trade setup
Matic trade setup
Entry: 0.76
Exit: 0.8
Trade setup: isolated, futures, *3lev


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Losing is a part of life and you have to accept and then you need to push yourself in next but if you cant accept any lose its not for you. Out of 10 trade you can win 8 trade and you can lose 2. So you have to make plan something like this. Use small amount use low leverage and try to grow with littlie amount. If you put 500$ and 20/50x leverage you can’t stay on trading platform not much time soon you will give-up for losing.
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