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Coin holders however you hope you’re doing well guys welcome back to my YouTube channel before starting this video make sure to subscribe Channel if you want to join my telegram group guys join our telegram group guys link is available in video description Gala token 0.04821 US Dollars the current price of

Gala coin 17.63 gains in last 24 hour a coin is a really good project and you know uh it’s a really good project but you have to hold for long time period yes it’s a swing trade guys hold it for long term guys by the way also join my

Telegram group guys for a free signal every day guys join telegram right now the link is available in video description and here if we talk about a production so the 24 hour volume 40 Advocate Market keep market cap all changes is completely positive so obviously a Bitcoin is positive btc’s published so

All Market is bullish guys I recommend you all of you to hold you guys thanks for watching see you next video don’t forget to subscribe for more latest news and update videos

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In this video we are discuss about price prediction , technical analysis , latest updates and also talk about price target.

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  1. My first experience with sir Davi Artur gave me assurance that had made me to sell my pi coin without fear of losing. I got my family and friends involved with him already

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