Gala (GALA) More Bear Market Accumulation. GALA Price Chart Analysis 2023

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Foreign Crypto guys in this video we’ll be taking a look at an old coin Gala currently around 125 on coin market cap but deep into crypto bear Market Gala is down bad in this bear Market if we take a look at what Gala has been doing on a

3D time frame Gala has been pumping from as low as 0.016 dollars we were trading in December of 2022 right now Gala is ranging around 0.058 region to the 0.031 dollar region Gala in the last one month is down 9.1 percent on a yearly time frame Gala is down 83.4 percent

Bitcoin has been pumping to higher prices with Gala and other all coins join Bitcoin shortly or are we getting up for one final Dome to the downside we’ll also be looking at gala’s performance against Bitcoin gala’s performance against ethereum and we’ll finally take a look at gala’s market cap

Currently around 291 million dollars where are we heading to in the coming days and the coming weeks we’ll be talking about that ammo in this video but first guys when it comes to investing nothing will pay off more than educating yourself and investment in knowledge pays the best interest to all

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This let’s get down to business three four five six seven eight there’s no argument but deep into crypto Beer Market in Bear Market is where accumulation is done the bear Market is where we get ready for the next crypto Bull Run we saw Gala pumping in the previous crypto Bull Run Gala rallying

Up to crazy Heights going from as low as the 0.00021 dollar region wherever trading in December of 2020 we saw Gala rally up to as high as 0.78 dollars where we’re trading in November of 2021 in 336 days Gala went up by more than 369 000 percent which meant a thousand

Dollars invested in Ghana in December 2020 will have returned more than 3.6 million dollars in November of 2021 but you had to hold through all the chaos you had to hold through all the pumps and all the domes right now Gala is going through his first full crypto bear

Market and even though we don’t know whether the bottom is in for Gala in this bear Market there are talks around going to Market that Gala might still pump to higher prices we’ve seen 98 from his all-time high in this bear Market that took around 401 days we

Stayed 2023 on a very bright mode we have seen Gala rally up by more than 171 percent so in this Bay Market rally over or will gather continue pumping to higher prices if Bitcoin is done pumping we have seen Bitcoin rally up above 25 000 Bitcoin is currently trading around

28 000 that’s the highest we’ve seen Bitcoin trade since May of 2022. if Gala is going to have similar move to the upside going to the price region where we’re trading in May of 2022 we’ll have to see Gala rally up to the upside by more than 250 percent that mean Gala

Will be trading around 0.144 dollar level that will mean in total in this bear Market rally we would have seen Gala Rally from 0.01 for dollar level to the 0.14 region that would have been an 800 pump to the upside in in the Beer Market that’s very very wonderful pump

To the upside but guys there’s always that possibility that the bear Market bottom is not in for Gala there’s always a possibility that at some point in time in this bear Market we’ll see Gala coming back to trade around 0.015 level bear markets can be very

Very long bay markets can be very very drawn out and painful but guys all you need to do is survive the end of the bear Market if you want to see all those huge pumps to the upside in the future now I’ve assume that all coins are going

To do what they did in the previous bear Market where it took them around 800 days to finally bottom we should be expecting Gala to finally bottom somewhere in December of 2023 but definitely before we enter 2024 the bottom should be coming out for Gala at that region so majority Gala

Rallying up to the 0.144 region in the communities in the coming weeks Bitcoin dominance in the market has been increasing I entered missing Bitcoin dominance in the market increasing it means all coins are not performing as well as Bitcoin the last time we saw Bitcoin dominance increasing drastically

Was in June of 2022 and all coins have been outperforming Bitcoin since then which is leading us to take a look at gala’s performance against Bitcoin now during the bull market a lot of people buy all coins because they want to multiply their Bitcoin if you take a

Look at what Gala did against Bitcoin in the previous bull market just from September of 2021 to when the Bull Run ended for Gala in November of 2021. we saw gala are performing Bitcoin by more than three thousand two hundred percent which means one Bitcoin invested in Gala

Will have returned more than 32 Bitcoin in just a period of 75 days but guys this was just possible because we saw Gala underperforming against Bitcoin throughout the time Bitcoin was pumping from three thousand dollars to 69 000 and it took around one year for that pump to be completed but after Gala

Started getting against Bitcoin we saw that a lot of people still running to all coins and that signal at the end of the market and since November of 2021 we’ve seen Gala dump into Goblin Town against Bitcoin in December 2022 we stayed out performing Bitcoin right now

Back to crucial support level and guys since when we saw Bitcoin rallying taking charge of the market since the middle of January Gala has been underperforming against Bitcoin as we have seen Bitcoin going up towards thirty thousand dollars and we have seen Gala just stalling out waiting for

Bitcoin to be done with his move so not be sure to see Gala dump into Goblin Town against Bitcoin in the coming days but it’s not all bad news but I’ve not seen a huge pump for dollar against Bitcoin since February of 2022 so I’ll not be shocked to see us finally have

One huge pump to the upside where we’ll see all coins are performing Bitcoin because if the Bitcoin dominance the market continues increasing at some point in time will face resistance and we’ll start dumping to Goblin Town and all those Capital will flow black into all coins deep in the bear Market guys

It’s where you get good value for your money right now a deep into crypto bear Market if you’re accumulating for the next Bull Run remember one mistake you want to avoid is going all into quickly you want to dollar cost average to the period the bear Market the bear Market

Can be very very long even though we see some pumps in the bear Market even though we see some dumps in the bear Market eventually what we’re looking forward to is those 1000 pumps to the upside all those ten thousand percent pumps to the upside deep in the bear

Market deep in Bear Market is where you get your first 10x 20x even your first 100x coin that will pump to the Moon let’s take a look at some details about Gala in the last one month Gala has traded for as low as 0.03 dollars and as

High as 0.05 dollars with the market cap of 288 million dollars Gala has a fully directed market cap of 1.4 billion dollars according to around 425 on coin market cap over 563 000 people have Gala on their watch list if you want to buy Gala right now deep

In the crypto bear Market as we’re getting ready for the next crypto Bull Run you can do that on binance on coinbase Exchange on beat up on cracking on bitfenix on bitstamp and guys anywhere you get your popular old coins you can get some Gala tokens right there

If you take a look at gala’s performance against ethereum it’s similar to his performance against Bitcoin even though we have been dumping to Goblin Town since November of 2021 we’ve seen a huge rally for Gala against ethereum starting the year on a very bright note but we have been having a little retracement

Down back Goblin Town so we’re gearing up for one final up onto the upside just like we did in 2021 or we’re going to continue dumping to Goblin Town I’ll assume we’ll continue pumping to the upside even though the bear Market might not be over guys the bear market usually

Is very very long and all the huge problems we’ve seen all coins come at the very very end of the bull run if you take a look at what Gala did in the previous Bull Run majority of the pump that started from Gala Bitcoin was already trading above the previous

All-time high so assuming Bitcoin goes like 69 000 that’s when we might see all coins to having that huge response to the upside I don’t think Bitcoin will get to that 69 000 region by Cinco installing 30 plus thousand maybe 40 000 all coins will start pumping to the moon

So you have to survive the bear Market we may be seeing a huge pump in the coming days but remember if Bitcoin starts dumping to Goblin Town all of a sudden all coins my dump way harder than Bitcoin because we’re deep in the crypto bear Market guys drop your thoughts in

The comment section are you still accumulating more Gala right now getting ready for the next crypto Bull Run where do you see Gala heading to in the coming days and the coming weeks thank you for watching this video please don’t forget to subscribe to this channel for more

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One two three four five six seven eight

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Gala (GALA) More Bear Market Accumulation. GALA Price Chart Analysis 2023

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