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In this video I talk about why I am so bullish on the future of GALA.

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  1. That's the game of trading lol. Either they learn from their mistakes or keep repeating. Let them continue to buy high and sell low while we make strategic moves. It'll pay off

  2. Maybe this will assist some people in their crypto investing decision making. What do you think/believe will do better? Bitcoin going to $33,000 first? Or Gala/Casper/XDC etc. doubling in price? Whatever you decide, be confident. And yet be flexible if certain information comes along. That may go against your choice. Peace out Mr. Energy!!!

  3. Hands down Gala knows what they are doing and simply the best in gaming. It will pass it’s all time high From Crypto Gypsy.

  4. Captain G, why are you low key today? Miss the high energy. So long as Gala has the funds to sustain them during this bear market, they are mooning next year. I'm going to Sizzler with you. All the shrimp you can eat!

  5. Love your positivity. It’s contagious. Thanks for inspiring us. Greetings from the Philippines 🇵🇭

  6. currently holding a small bag. Hoping for atleast 200k gala coins by March🙏
    I think gala has a chance to be acquired by another company causing gala to 🚀🚀🚀😉

  7. I'm just hoping Gala can reach over a dollar since their circulating supply wil be 10 billion next bull run. Since Gala will be using as gas i'm hoping this brings down the circulating supply.

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