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Gate.io Futures| #FTX Bankruptcy – Crypto traders should know! Latest!

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This video will explain what happens between #ftx and #SBF?
Tune in to find out the truth…

⭐️ Timestamps ⭐️
00:10 – Is it true that #SBF got arrested in the Bahamas airport on Nov 11?
00:40 – #FTX opened #withdrawals for Bohemians on Nov 10.
01:21 – #Alameda employees resign collectively after a meeting.
01:57 – #FTX announces it may halt trading on its platform in a few days…
02:33 – #SBF apologized on Twitter.
02:55 – #ftxtoken #FTT may be gonna zero.

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  1. Увы и жаль что биржа FTX закрылась, мои знакомые там потеряли свои все деньги. Хорошее видео

  2. I believe that the FTX issue has caused the entire CEX and crypto market to become more transparent and positive.

  3. I think this FTX issue lead all CEX and crypto market to be more transparent and positive side.

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