GEMINI❤️Soulmates in Separation~Burden/Interferences Keep You Apart | November 2022 You & Them Tarot

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  1. In separation from a toxic Libra, now exclusively dating a Leo long distance, but it feels like no connection I’ve had. They do have some red flags 🚩 but something keeps telling me to stick it out

  2. This is me that is my husband he is “Arias “
    We broke up really bad moment, but I still love him and I know he still love me

  3. Pretty much my situation. I’ve become bored with waiting for almost 7 years and have come to the realization this relationship will never come to be and I have accepted it and ready to move on

  4. M dealing with a Capricorn we separated last year coz of financial issues we both lost our job since the pandemic so he thought moving on with a karmic was a wise decision for him he left me and our 2 sons but now he wants to come back but he's stuck cos he's financially dependent on her

  5. Hi interstellar this reading does resonate but early days he lives at a distance. We will see how this pans out . Thank you 😘❤️

  6. Thank you for another great reading! Sure hope you're not gone too long. We all look forward to your readings! Take care… we'll be here 😊

  7. Absolutely you have just nailed my story foe the past 2 years …still going on ….not going through this much longer

  8. You’ve been reading my situation with a Gemini for about a year! I’m a Capricorn and we both have struggled to stay away from each other for years. We made separate lives with different people and it’s just too late to change that.

  9. This was so spot on almost scary and that woman with black long hair, I think I know who she is🙊😳

  10. Thanks Stella!! Accurate as always! My Virgo is waking up to our connection, feeling like it's divinely guided but always feeling trapped in another connection & kids are involved. Thank you!!!! Don't stay away too long 💜

  11. Yes feeling lonely I’ve been thinking about my libra person no communication or not much but I feel in my heart his the one ❤

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