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Hello everyone…



General reading of your choice ( LOVE, FINANCIAL, OR OVERALL) will be 50$. ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS WILL BE COUNTED AS A ONE QUESTION FEE OF 20$ per question. This special is recorded and a link is sent to you within 72 hours.

Express readings (within 2 hours*) are 150$ and is sent after confirmation via email that payment is received. Same terms and conditions apply as general reading.
Phone readings of your choice (LOVE, FINANCIAL, OR OVERALL) will be 100$ for 15 mins. Addition 2$ per minute after that.
To book me please email me at:


Goddess_of_swords_tarot on INSTAGRAM.

I work with CASH APP, CHIME, APPLE PAY, and REVOLUT (out of country payment app).


⚠️⚠️I DO NOT TOUCH ON LAW, or HEALTH. As I am not licensed to do so!!! ⚠️⚠️


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  1. Sorry. I've had 4 mamagram and two breast scan on the last two yrs.. With two growths in left breast… Had one lung cancer… Just received. Letter from center having to get lung scan as soon as possible because moving out of state insurance won't cover….then run like He'll have A good day… Thank you for reading

  2. Lol, my new Libra puts me in my place 😍, n I looked at him like who da fuck are you lol, 🤣. Ashley and he did it at the laundromat today. I walked off talking shit, he put the dawn laundry basket on my head that drop halfway to my body and ran off, that Lil fucker lol.

  3. Lol I have a Cappy after me, who has money, who is and has tried over the last 15 years to make me fall for him…I did think about entertaining it…but Im in love with my solitude ❤

  4. So very accurate reading. Thank you so much, I am trying to work on being emotionally independent and controlling them with my therapist

  5. It has taken over a year to really see Pisces for who he is, and I know I don't want him back. I like Virgo, but he's just getting ready to move back. I am in no hurry to get involved. Just renewing the friendship for now. Taurus and Pisces taught me well to take my time! 😊♊

  6. Okay 1st of all your cat is ADORABLE! 😻 Is he a leo? 😂 And secondly, I feel called out! “Leave my room but not the house!” & “I learn from God, not from people!”🤣😭 Loved this reading! 💖

  7. Yesssssss omgggg🤣🤣😭😭✍🏽You right on point it HAS TO MAKE SENSE AND CENTS🤣

  8. Yea my son checks me all the time 🙄.. I guess I’m teaching him how to be humble.. I be like “ you right son, I stand corrected” .. but yea my mood right now is: Please give me some space 😩 But don’t go anywhere 😟.. move but stay🤦🏾‍♀️

  9. Girl that cat got big af 😍 I remember when y’all first got him but omgg 🥺

  10. What u said Leo , I was whatttt yeah he want everything good , and he is Virgo moon

  11. Mr. Papa is so cute he got big. I remember when you got him I love cats I have 3 of them 😻

  12. Thank you ash 💯💯💯 we do this. And the collective energies be on some shit lately so it's easy to get stuck on being outwardly focused and return to some good ole self care. Mirror and energy work is so important. 💜🤗💜

  13. This is so true I’m afraid to move forward but I know I need to ain’t shit here where I am spirit help!!!

  14. Your energy is everything, you got me dying 🤣🤣😂😂 Also your cat is so handsome 😻!

  15. 💯 My bf is getting on my nerves. I pulled my energy back cuz I do everything in our relationship. He don't even text or call to check on me. I'm just about done wit him! #overit #solodolo

  16. u told yourself about yourself–self reflection stings—im replaying and getting me a drink

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