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General reading of your choice ( LOVE, FINANCIAL, OR OVERALL) will be 50$. ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS WILL BE COUNTED AS A ONE QUESTION FEE OF 20$ per question. This special is recorded and a link is sent to you within 72 hours.

Express readings (within 2 hours*) are 150$ and is sent after confirmation via email that payment is received. Same terms and conditions apply as general reading.
Phone readings of your choice (LOVE, FINANCIAL, OR OVERALL) will be 100$ for 15 mins. Addition 2$ per minute after that.
To book me please email me at:


Goddess_of_swords_tarot on INSTAGRAM.

I work with CASH APP, CHIME, APPLE PAY, and REVOLUT (out of country payment app).


⚠️⚠️I DO NOT TOUCH ON LAW, or HEALTH. As I am not licensed to do so!!! ⚠️⚠️


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  1. I did just meet a Taurus super sweet dude and I just told him I'm a cocky bihhh the man ask me my live language I said all them I want it all the gifts,the physical touch, communication and etc he laugh lol I then said I want it all bc I know I bring it all with me I don't require of you what I don't provide

  2. Girl I was sad last week but hunni I moved into a new house meeting new people my energy shifted like a mf heard that New Glorilla and cardi B song and babbyyyyy my energy shifted and I was like fuck that nigga block and deleted him on all social media and everything look like hot girl summer about to turn into Fine girl fall lol

  3. Thank you ash! 💯 gotta make sure we taken care of first frfr . ppl be in that bugaboo and center of the universe energy right now with the way it is and forgot their damn manners and how to go with the flow. This new moon and the retros really brought out the nice nasty in ppl and not cool. Ive had to put a few on time out. 💜💜💜

  4. sis, I been depressed for a year & some months now. I can't even cry the way I want- my own narccistic mind will be like "are those tears even real? what are you crying for"😭. Irritated isn't the word, I don't wanna hear nobody talk, ask me a question, look at me, be in the same room, nun🤷🏾‍♀️😭. New job, & I work backroom so I really don't have to talk to anyone (thankfully)

  5. I’m looking for a job & got fired from one & my 2nd job not giving enough hours so I just went on & quit

  6. Spoke straight to meeee thank you for tht was 2 years he was a abusive narcissist and it’s been months now no contact and I’m finally getting to a place where I’m moving forward SAY READYY MY NEWWW THING IS A GEMINI ❤LIKE ME IDK ITS COMPLICATED SAY ARROGANT YESSS I AM LOL😂

  7. Lmaooooo after being hurt dying crying then gets up like nothing happened 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 so me rn

  8. Thanks my gorgeous twin for the beautiful reading, you those pretty Lil hands and amazing lip's womann aww 😬😬🤒🤒 smh woww simply amazing queen, have a blessed one 😉😘 Gem gang 😉😎

  9. Yes I’m not feeling people at all especially people at work. As you mentioned “a lot going on” I definitely have a lot going on and this resonates with me currently. I’m at the point to where I want to run away and never return but I’m not seeing an exit pathway. I’m confident I’ll get a chance to fly away. Thanks for this reading, I love coming across good YouTube videos like this…keep ‘em coming

  10. It's my soon to be ex husband the leo.. he took me through it all.. I'm getting ready to get a divorce from him… he's in his feelings, but it's a done deal….I've moved on.. Working on me, focusing on my kids, and my bestfriend… I do overthink about it…and I did read old texts from my ex… trying to continue to forgive him and myself as well… my bestfriend has been there for me… focusing on him and me and my kids… I'm ready for this love with him… I'm a Gemini he is a Sagittarius.. he's my TRUE soulmate 💗

  11. Im working 10 hr shifts as a law clerk and my checks are lovely $23 an hr but I’m not with my kids alot anymore and its draining me. I have no time in a day and im only off on Sundays so i dont know if it’s worth it but i love the money like loooovvvvve the money

  12. My ex girlfriend a cancer i saked her but later went to begged her for forgiveness just broke up with me.
    I haven't been sleeping for almost a week now. She told me she moved on but am doubting her

  13. I'm stuck… I just really wanted my family to work out, but I always got cheated on. I need to feel pretty again and get my health back!

  14. I'm speechless you are a real astrologer everything you said is all resonate with me 💯💯 love you keep going ❤️

  15. God you're so important I need to hear that song it's time for me Let It Go f*** on I'm not I don't give a f*** no more like I'm going to to love on myself

  16. FABULOUS READING GODDESS THANK YOU 🙏💚 I did cry in my room 1 hr before work, I pulled it together quick though 😊 pisces is my moon and yes they are coming out from every where, I don't want to bothered 😉😃

  17. Omg! Totally me. I’m peopled out!!!! Everyone’s irritating the living shit out of me. Been staying home , being domesticated.

  18. We Gemini's, we suck shit up and move on…fr…😂🤣.. I can go from sad to happy, from happy to mad, from energetic to lazy AF…. As far as being irritated by people, it's happening..I need me some ME TIME fr.

  19. Ugh everybody is getting in my nerves, FR…. They don't understand me or what I'm going through and try to tell me what I need to do it what's best for me… Us Gemini's know DAMN WELL we don't like nobody telling us how it is or what we gotta do, am I right!?.. lol… Also, don't want to go back to something that isn't going to change, but damn am i attracted to him 😞💔 and I do like him A LOT!! 😭😭😭

  20. I don’t think I can handle another tower moment. I feel like I’m living in fear. For the past month

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