Gemini “Critical Decision!” Mid September Tarot Predictions

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0:00 – Intro
1:00 – Gemini General Energies
5:48 – What You Need To Know Right Now?
10:11 – Good Stuff Coming
14:53 – 5 Main Themes
19:01 – Personal Questions

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  1. Love your readings! The oracle deck with “X” on, where did you get it from please? 😁

  2. People don't get me….I'm okay with that…..
    I am not everyone's cup 🍵 of tea….then again….Maybe I'll go to the Park tomorrow at 8:45am

  3. In the way that we've all been 17, and so all have a 17-year-old inside us, and are therefore STILL 17, if that makes sense, is how I feel the 6 of Cups. That and it's someone from the past today. ❤🐎

  4. Your reading makes alot of sense for me, thank you for sharing your readings. I'm in the situation you have been talking about for weeks and ready to move forward. Totally overwhelmed with the possibilities im facing and yes the old is out and im progressing in love again. I find these reading reassuring and very true, I feel like your watching my life unfold in front of you. You are the only one I follow and can't fault your reading at all. Thank you for sharing.

  5. As you were reading this, someone just really actually started cutting a tree with a chainsaw… and the you said it. Wow!

  6. In another video for ♊️ you suggested writing a letter to myself for what and where I’d like to be next year . You’d never Imagine how good it felt. Thank you for encouragement. I really want to be in love ve with something again

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