Gemini – Don’t pass up this opportunity – October 2022

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Readings I offer:
(24 hour) Same Day Reading for $200 (USD)
(48 hour) Personal Reading for $150 (USD)
(72 hour) Personal Reading for $125 (USD)

This will include LAW OF ATTRACTION advice along with the answers to your questions. You may ask up to 3 questions and you will have your reading within 48, 72 or 24 hours (depending on which you choose) from payment & questions being received. There is no time
limit and the readings can range from 25 – 45 minutes on average.
Tarot readings are pre recorded and uploaded to YouTube unlisted. Meaning only you and whoever you decide to share the link with can view it. The link will be emailed to you once completed.

Tips and donations can be sent directly to my PayPal

This is for donations only, NOT for payment for a reading!
Thanks y’all 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Where she is making and selling jewelry & candles with crystals and stones.

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  1. Focused on myself. Hang with grandchildren. Other than that..nope. No way in hell I am interested in anyone. I don't feel lonely.
    Next long term, mmm? Yeesh..a chip? Gosh dang. We shall see. Haha! Thanks Rich.

  2. hey now . one of you better readings. I felt alot of sincereity . You kind of triped me out when you said you were fucken up for a couple of years. Im glad I wasnt someone looking for advice or direction i should say,back in ooopps! days. well I like your style and appreaciate your honesty and willingness to believe in you ,because I certainly believe in Tarot and God. thanks for your input on things. Love,Jelly Bean

  3. Looking for a job not love / i am waiting for a boss to pay a money demand i placed him when i left

  4. Hope yr readings are really meant for Gems /we look for better days and things/tired of fighting / since my husband passed away I stopped enjoying life and its been 16 yyrs

  5. Way too much to type. At the end of the day, this is my best friend. But yes, I know all of this. Yes I am waiting. He has some things I need him to take care of for himself, before I will accept him back. I’m not playing around. I’m not going anywhere. But I also will not wait forever. I’m too old for this. He is very special to me. He has been for 20 years. Our families are extremely close. We never planned to fall in love. It was just supposed to be a “Covid lockdown romance” It’s been a hard 4 months separation. We are also long distance, so this has been extremely tough.. I also know it was much needed and it will ne worth it to the both of us. Luckily, neither of us want to fight. Neither of us are mad at eachother. I just need him to grow up a little, heal from his nasty, evil karmic ex. She did a number on not just him but all of us. His entire family. We have a beautiful and sweet love. This is the good and bad, for better or for worse. We have to go through things like this in life. I wouldn’t choose to walk this earth wity another soul. He just NEEEEEDS to heal. It’s not fair to bleed on someone who did not cut you.i believe we still have a rough road ahead, for a bit. I also know that this means a lot to me. I will continue my own healing and shadow work. I will continue to live and do what I need to do to continue to have the beautiful life I have. I miss him terribly. But I have trust and faith. Anyway, thank you. ✨🫶🏻✨💫✨🌎✨🤪✨🧜🏻‍♀️✨🫶🏻✨🙏✨

  6. Thank you for this read. It was truly inspiring to me, and true of what's going on. Definitely getting used to living my single life 👍

  7. Yes,Rich,love starts within. No love for self,no love for others…thanks Rich!!

  8. Thank you for this reading gemini here this resonates with me i have being single for almost 2year my ex partner not married cheated on me and they told my friend to tell me as they couldn't so I walked away from them i was with them 16year they could be a drama queen and he is shellfish and negative they returned to alcohol 2year ago in and out of our relationship did what he wanted i became an option contact me last week to meet up but has ghosted me again door is closed and locked not going through this bs again and his mindgames alcohol is more important to scorpio not me i always came last and I told scorpio this my energy went to zero had to walk i was at an all time low Love and light

  9. Spot on Rich, You're awesome!!! You're reading my personal life journey nearly 100%; I'm Gemini Cancer rising & he's Cancer (we've been friends 32+yrs, he dj'd my '90 wedding; we're both leaving longterm karmics) & we're joining in love & businesses; all is well!!!!!!!!!

  10. No the new connection is actually more of what's going on in my current connection.. so at least that resonates

  11. Lol you on point Leo and a tarus hmm should I pick that the journey begin universe guide me to the one lol 🤣

  12. All the past people were slow manipulative earth signs and one fire sign.Feel air qnd water is suitable for Gemini.Till now there is no one new which is mutual.Dont want any old person to come in.

  13. I'm not looking for anything, can't wait till you do finances.thats more important.ona

  14. I meet a Leo – I had talk to him Before , yeah he make plans, we agree desafees in thing to do just fine he giving me space but we txt a lot and good conversations funny ones – I feel you reading are alway in my Now no future – i feel some other reader can tell future thing But i still enjoy knowing Im going to a great start he want marriage eventually

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