Gemini Libra Aquarius: *All About Your FREQUENCY* | Air Signs

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Gemini Libra Aquarius: *All About Your FREQUENCY* | Air Signs
Did this resonate with you? Watch the Extended Reading for a deeper look:

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  1. MJ: I've loads of Libra in my chart. Libra tries to do it alone. Charlie: hi. Ur not alone. Here's my energy. 😆

  2. You are 100% right, I have experienced it many times. A whole lot less struggle when you are aligned

  3. Aloha Mary Jo, excellent reading and Charlie deciding to join us really snapped me out of a funk. I’ve been struggling with severe scoliosis for 3 years now and sometimes the pain is more than I can handle. Lost my Maltese/ Lhasa Sept. 22, 2014 and am still not over it. I miss her beautiful face and body and big black eyes looking up at me and her fluffy tail😭. I’m grateful that I was blessed with her by my side for 11 years. Somehow must make lemonade out of lemons and also use the beauty of lemons and their wonderful, clean aroma to clear and uplift my soul and spirit. Luv u lots 🍋🍋🍋🌝🌻💛.

  4. As usual, perfect message for me…my awakening has been fast & furious…and, of course, absolutely beautiful! But I have been pushing wayyyy too much when I need to just sit back, take it all in, watch & feel the universe love on me. Thank you MJ💓

  5. Aqua Venus here. Interesting that it becomes more about the energy then actual action. Last Thursday I decided to spend my saved money to a orthomolecular dietist, because I struggle with many food related issues for years now. This means I can not visit my sweetheart, who lives abroad this year and will have to wait until February. A few hours later he called me that he can do some sort education to get a better position in the company and maybe can be stationed in my country. I mean, comes this from aligning with myself or not?! I still have to tell him later today the financial consequences of my choice and that we will meet later.. But the long term prospective looks suddenly a bit brighter 🤞🙏💖

  6. It is 3 am and I'm watching this….I have not been able to sleep lately….n going within and medication has been a message loud n clear from my guides. (Aquarius rising)

  7. I can't remember what country it is but for those of you that don't know what a worving durlish is it's a dancer

  8. This made me 😭 cry. I was sitting outside on my lunch break eating and listening to this.. i look up at this energy tower and there's this bird looking at me as i listen to this.. and i began crying… it resonates so much with me.. the energy flow over actual work.. i may be able to do a lot of things and usually i do.. i push myself so hard.. but i don't feel like I'm in the right place. My body starts to break down and I'm battling myself to get energy. However.. if I'm doing things that i actually resonate with..i feel so alive and so much energy.. but i gotta pay the bills.. so I'm afraid to let it go.. but so i am wondering.. what is this message trying to come in 🤔 and is it really for me? Or am i wishful thinking.. 🙈
    Love to ya always🙏😇🙌🥰

  9. Charlie looks like my pup did yesterday – during the storm with lighting and thunder! In search of safety and comfort. My big girl doesn't fit on my lap as well, but she tried.

  10. You are so right……by the way With was going on.with the energy today ?Today was a shitshow lol

  11. I always look forward to hearing the air sign’s weekend readings and especially today,since its my birthday weekend ❤Thank you 🙏

  12. Excellent reading, MJ! I am a Pisces who recently realized that I have too many transactional, or task-oriented relationships. My mom, a Libra, and I have been having struggles about this because I had an epiphany: She is not emotionally available and actually punishes people when we become emotional with defensiveness or QofSwords stuff.. Ugh. What does that make me? Anyway, I am working with a therapist to figure out the next thing, can't do this on my own. You have been so helpful to me these last 4 months. I am grateful to you for being instrumental in my journey. 🥰

  13. Thank you MJ. ❓ What is the name of the deck you used to clarified today's reading. Also you mentioned something about the progressive Sun. Could you please talk a little more about that?

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