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GEMINI: "The Spell Has Been Broken!! This Is Your Awakening" SEPTEMBER 15 – OCTOBER 15

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This is a General Reading for
GEMINI | September 15 – October 15 | Tarot Reading
Sun, Moon, Rising, and Venus Sign

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  1. Omg yes so aggressive and defensive and I’m tired of myself…. My back hurts so bad coz I’m so tense even when I try to tell my body to relax it’s ok I’m safe it tenses up even more. This reading really resonating with me love from the UK🇬🇧👁💚 The strength card is my birth card also. Thanks for a real reading as someone else said not just all rainbows and unicorns some “check yo self” ish I love it. Blessings to you sis for sharing your talents with us❤

  2. I accept karma repaid in kind with grace… thank you so much I really needed to hear this message today…

  3. i accept karma repaid kind with grace ✨, now i know why i've been seeing those angel numbers lately.. and also i'm more in focusing to my self-development right now, thanks for the reading coz it truly resonates for me☺️

  4. I have 444 tattood on me, just a heads up because that number significantly resonates with me. & recently during the month of september i’ve been healing, releasing all attachments and being a limitless multidimensional being. thank you so much & i know will continue the video.

    I wrote this comment at 2 minutes in, after you’ve asked how the 444 is resonating within me.

  5. Thank you – I just lost my best friend. She was my dog but we were best friends and i have been devastated. Thank you for this. HUGE thank you. I kept seeing 10:10 and 111 everywhere for the last 2 months.
    When i recently found out my dog had a disease and she was in pain. I knew she had to be put down and my heart died that day.
    I asked my daughter to call the vet and make the appointment for my dog to be put to sleep and the secretary gave us the appointment time……THE APPOINTMENT WAS AT 10:10 am.

  6. I accept karma repaid in kind with grace. "Thank you "
    To 1111 , my passed away loved one is my heart ❤️ Shook. I still feel so close to you and I know your only a call away and "poof " you will come to protect me. I'm sorry if I make you sad when I cry for you I heard you say "your in a better place", Remember that day I completed that week catalyst and you were waiting for me holding a lit white candle , well . That's the image I hold onto when it's my time. I miss you so so much. I love you forever and always.

  7. I have some armor repaid and kindness and love that's what makes me abundance and I will walk with the Lord

  8. Thank you very much for this beautiful reading.I have seen all those Angel numbers.
    I avoid medication , sodas etc.I realized that most people try to find out what is your next task or skill but I hardly share those with anyone. I shared what the universe want me to share with people. Thank you again for this message it gives me more courage to go on doing what the universe , my Angels, my pass over love ones expect me to do.

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