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People are selling Gems off app for up to 60% through escrow; which negatively effects the marketplace and the user experience.

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It’s unhealthy for the market, hence prices being well under drop prices. It creates a poor experience for current and new users. It is especially not very inviting to new users.

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There are almost 8 Billion people in the world.

Less than 4% of the World’s population is invested in Cryptocurrency.

Only 0.1% of Crypto owners are invested in NFTs.

Almost 60% of the World has Internet access.

I’m not a financial advisor, nothing I say is financial advice and always always DYOR – Do Your Own Research.

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  1. What are your thoughts on out of app gem purchases that are up to 60% off?

  2. Honestly if you believe mtl will be coming this year, stack gems and just cash them out for massive profit, no need to buy any collectible.

  3. What did these people pay for these gems to be able to then sell them at discount? Are Gems tranfers not temporarily stopped?

  4. This is honestly one if the main reasons why everything is down. But on the other hand. You will be able to purchase these gems and stack up for the future 💯. I'm definitely stacking NFTs that are under retail price just because I believe veve priced those NFTs for a reason.

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