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Foreign On cardano community welcome back to the DAP Central YouTube channel I’m your host here Fareed and in today’s video I want to highlight the fact that the genius X protocol has now been onboarded or is officially partnering with the polygon Network now if you guys don’t

Know what genius X is they’re going to be an accelerator program and a launch pad building on cardano now over the course of the last week they have announced officially that they will be going multi-chain and so they’re now going to be blockchain agnostic when it comes to their accelerator program

Now keep in mind that the accelerator program is basically going to be providing services to onboard projects and bring them up to speed now the launch pad itself will continue to function as a cardano native launch pad which basically allows for new projects building on cardano to sell their tokens

And so what I want to talk about as a part of today’s video is going to be their recent collaboration or partnership that has been announced with the polygon Network now before I jump into that content if it’s your first time stopping by here I aim to provide you guys in the community

With the latest news tutorials and reviews I’m also a single stick pool operator operating the official dap Central stake pool if you guys want to support me on my mission to educate the broader cardano Community then consider delegating with the stake pool ticker dapp thank you and with that said let’s

Go ahead and jump back into today’s content so as I mentioned genius X isn’t officially going to be partnering with the polygon or the Matic Network now this is going to be a relatively large Network operating as a layer 2 being built on top of ethereum and so as

It reads here genius x a business accelerator and launch pad for fully vetted early stage blockchain startups has expanded its services to the polygon blockchain with the long-term goal of becoming fully blockchain agnostic as I mentioned previously this article here was released about a week ago basically

Stating the fact that this project would be going blockchain agnostic and focusing on collaborating with onboarding projects into their accelerator program from other blockchains now as a part of that first article they didn’t actually identify what blockchains that we they would be moving out to and it now appears that

The polygon network is going to be the first blockchain genius X will offer its unique accelerator services and expertise to polygon-based startups helping them to gain traction and scale for their businesses this expansion will also enable genius X community members the ability to gain access to more promising

Web 3 Assets Now who they’re referring to here are going to be the gen’s X token holders or the token stakers now in terms of what this actual accelerator platform is doing if I jump back over to their website here and if I scroll down just a little bit

We’re going to see some of the services that they provide so this includes fundraising strategy and execution MVP or minimum viable product and product development strategy genius ecosystem integration into genius yield genius X genius Academy and much more as well as marketing and community building and legal entity setup and then

Very lastly a one-on-one consultation meetings with industry experts and some additional guidance on crypto and nft so as you guys can see some pretty valuable bits of information and services here being provided by the accelerator program now if you guys want to find out a little bit more about polygon they also

Got a brief description of what polygon is bringing here in terms of layer 2 scaling Solutions so polygon previously known as the Matic network is the layer 2 scaling solution that enables fast and inexpensive transactions on the ethereum network if you don’t know what layer 2 means this

Basically means that this is a protocol being built on top of a base protocol which in this case is going to be the ethereum protocol polygon has emerged as one of the most popular layer 2 Solutions due to its low fees fast transaction times and easy to use developer tools it’s accompanied by

ZK evm which is going to be an ethereum virtual machine roll up also a layer 2 scaling solution that leverages the scaling power of zero knowledge proofs while maintaining ethereum compatibility scrolling down a little bit further towards the end of the article here they talk a little bit more about polygon

Labs which is actually developing the Matic or the polygon Network so polygon Labs develops ethereum scaling solutions for polygon protocols polygon Labs has initially developed a growing Suite of protocols for developers to gain easy access to Major scaling Solutions including layer twos side chains hybrid chains app specific chains Enterprise chains and data

Availability protocols now the scaling solutions that polygon Labs initially developed has seen widespread adoption with tens of thousands of decentralized apps exceeding unique addresses of more than 211 million and more than 1.12 million smart contracts created in over 2.36 billion total transactions so this as you guys can see here quite greatly

Outweighs the number of transactions wallets and smart contracts available right now on cardano so I do think that this is really good in terms of exposure for genius X and this is going to be a two-way Bridge right not only will the cardano and Jen’s xq Unity get access

And availability to some of these protocols being built on polygon but this is now going to basically bring cardano’s name as well into the polygon ecosystem as well as the evm world now one thing that I want to also highlight is going to be the fact that

We’re probably going to see a lot of some of this liquidity from these other blockchains begin to roll into cardano if there’s ever any bridging uh mechanisms or any kind of collaborations between both of the ecosystems so taking a look here at the tvl for the polygon Network it’s currently sitting at about

1 billion dollars but to be more specific 933 million dollars locked right now in terms of the USD value at its all-time high here we can see that the tvl was somewhere around the likes of 10 to 12 billion dollars right which again greatly outweighs the 300

Million right now that we have locked into cardano so again not to compare but this is going to be a blockchain with a lot more adoption and a lot more visibility and the fact that the genius team is going to be collaborating with them I think is going to be a really

Positive sign so jumping back into the closing Parts here of this article it states the existing polygon network is home for some of the biggest web3 projects such as Ave which is going to be a lending and borrowing protocol on this network uni swap which is going to

Be a DEX an open C which is going to be a nft Marketplace similar to and well-known Enterprises including Robinhood stripe and Adobe I don’t think that any of those last three platforms there need an introduction as they’re quite known and very heavily used right

Now in the web 2 space if if I jump over here into the official polygon website which is you guys can see some of the additional partners that they’ve got here and just kind of a look and feel for what they’re actually bringing into this space so again

Stating the fact that they’re going to be a blockchain for Mass adoption and you’re gonna have the ability to build explore and connect directly with their Community here from their website that is going to do it for today’s video here again highlighting the fact that the

Genius X team is now going to be collaborating or has officially partnered with polygon Labs let me know what you guys think down in the comment section below about this partnership and exactly what it means for the greater and broader cardano Community I’m personally excited to see this

Collaboration again I think it’s going to be bringing a lot more eyes into cardano and specifically the genius X protocol I’ve been following this project for quite a bit of time now and they continue to deliver on all of their promises as always if you guys found

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Least if you guys have any questions for me about genius X polygon or just about cardano then make sure to leave those down in the comment section below that said I will see you guys in the next video foreign

Genius X, a business accelerator and launchpad for fully-vetted, early-stage blockchain startups, has expanded its services to Polygon blockchain with the long-term goal of becoming fully blockchain agnostic. Genius X will offer its unique accelerator services and expertise to Polygon-based startups, helping them to gain traction and scale their businesses. This expansion will also enable the Genius X community ($GENSX token stakers) to gain access to more promising Web3 assets.

Genius X is an accelerator program launched by the world class team behind Genius Yield. Its goal is to foster innovations on Cardano by providing early-stage blockchain startups with all the tools they need to become successful – not only by connecting them to investors but by offering technical mentorship and business guidance as well.

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  2. Cardano is supposedly far superior to all the other chains. We all got sold by hoskinson on this nonsense. Seeing all the cardano projects moving to other chains must be giving the entire community major cognitive dissonance.

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