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Get Free 0.2 Polygon Matic (Again & Again ) on Metamask | Free Polygon Matic for gas fees

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Get Free 0.2 Polygon Matic (Again & Again ) on Metamask | Free Polygon Matic for gas fees

🪜 Polygon #Matic is a Cryptocurrency that is used to pay gas fees on Blockchain Network.In this video tutorial you will get 0.2 Polygon Matic again & again to pay gas fees on transaction.The wallet we are going to use is Metamask .Follow the Steps below:-

✔️Open Metamask Wallet
✔️Click on Network
✔️Click on Add Custom Network
✔️Get RPC URL from my website-https://www.moneyromantica.in/2022/10/get-free-02-polygon-matic-again-again.html
✔️Use Chain ID- 80001
✔️ Currency Symbol- MATIC
✔️ Network Name- Polygon Testnet
✔️Block Explorer URL- https://mumbai.polygonscan.com
✔️Click save Network after filling out these details
✔️Now go to https://faucet.polygon.technology in your Metamask Wallet Browser
✔️Select Mumbai as Network
✔️Select Matic as Token
✔️Paste your Polygon Testnet Wallet Address from Metamask in the Wallet box
✔️Now you will recieve 0.2 Matic Token instantly on your Metamask Wallet


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Website to Claim Free Polygon Matic.You have to open this URL in your wallet browser (Either Metamask or Coinbase Wallet)


Some more Free Polygon Matic Faucet
1)Matic Supply –https://matic.supply/
2)Freematic –https://freematic.com/?ref=49613
3)Pearzap- https://faucet.pearzap.com/
4)Coinfaucet- https://coinfaucet.net/?ref=4d5463304e544934
5) Polygon Faucet – https://faucet.polygon.technology/

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