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Get Free 500$ Crypto token on Metamask | AVAX | ZRB | WAVAX | USDC | WTR | Metamask Airdrop

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📺Get Free 500$ Crypto token on Metamask | AVAX | ZRB | WAVAX | USDC | WTR | Metamask Airdrop

👉Deepwaters Incentivized Public Testnet is Live! Participating in the Public Testnet will make you eligible for the future $WTR Airdrop after TGE. The team will reward those who interact with the platform in an emphasized manner!

👉Deepwaters v1 is the fusion of traditional finance and blockchain technology into a Hybrid Architecture, leveraging proven concepts from both with the aim to bring maturity to DeFi and enable systems that will empower the next generation of financial applications. Deepwaters enables trading without Trade-Offs Zero front-running with Zero gas trades, Zero slippage, Zero PFOF, Zero internalization, Zero fine print, Zero etc…

👉Deepwaters v2, coming in 2023, will upgrade the Deepwaters v1 architecture to render the distinctions between centralized and decentralized platforms meaningless. It will provide a trustless, massively scalable, non-custodial platform in which anyone can validate the operations of, regardless of whether it is deployed in a centralized or decentralized manner.

👉$WTR is the system-wide governance/utility token for the Deepwaters protocol. It is designed to serve its users, holders, and the protocol as a whole. All Deepwaters tokens are cross-chain compatible using the Bridge (Coming Soon), meaning they can be transferred to any supported blockchain without wrapping. The supply will be capped at 888,000,000 which will be reached after 12 years.

👉Step-by-Step Guide ”Deepwaters Incentivized Testnet Guide”

Submit the Deepwaters Airdrop Registration Form. Link here- https://deepwaters.xyz/pre-registration/

Claim 2 $AVAX on the Avalanche Testnet Faucet.Link here- https://faucet.avax.network/& Click on “Add Subnet to Metamask”.

Head to the Deepwaters Testnet Dashboard (Link- https://testnet.deepwaters.xyz/)& Connect your Metamask wallet.

Click on Faucet, select All Test tokens, and Tweet to Claim.

Go back to Deepwaters Testnet Dashboard ( https://testnet.deepwaters.xyz/)& Click on Deposit. * When you make a deposit for the first time, there is a confirmation in the wallet, but nothing is deposited, you need to press deposit again and repeat the process.

Now, go to the Deepwaters Exchange ( https://testnet.deepwaters.xyz/exchange)& Start interacting with the Testnet platform. Certain portions of the platform involve On-chain interactions and will require other Testnet versions of AVAX, MATIC, ETH, or BNB. You can add the other Testnet Networks and Test Tokens through the corresponding Faucets.

The team have created a short Survey ( https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSftY93SYFMiD__XSU9URBBQvo1sjHHC3sGccWm8vu4-9IiwvA/viewform)to help them prioritize features in development, and which tokens they will try to list first when Deepwaters Mainnet goes live. The team will reward those who interact with the platform in an emphasized manner. So, Interact On-chain and give feedback. Good Luck!

👉Get Free 500$ Token on Metamask.You will get the following Tokens:-

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