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Hey everyone welcome to the vid I hope you are having an amazing day wherever you are watching this and in today’s video I’m going to show you how you can get a passive income which is solid and how you can also get an airdrop and the

Good news is is that probably not a lot of people actually know about this which means fomo hasn’t kicked in yet which is obviously really good for me and you the valet exchange is a decentralized exchange where people can trade crypto so basically it’s a trading platform now

I’m not actually a Trader but that doesn’t matter because I can still get the airdrop and I can still earn a passive income by staking their tokens and just using their platform Vela are going to give an airdrop invalid tokens to anybody who uses their platform which

Is in beta testing at the moment and in this video I’m going to go ahead and buy the tokens do the staking and basically show you exactly what you need to do before we jump in you can see on the chart here that the token has been going

Pretty well since it launched and people like thinking that it’s going to continue to do well or even improve as this product launches because of what this product is bringing to the market and what’s really cool is that you can see on the white paper here that 35 of

The entire token allocation is going to community incentives including this airdrop that they’re doing and what’s also cool as well and interesting is that a lot of arbitrim tokens have been doing well since they launched including cyber swap GMD protocol and radiant capital and Valor is probably going to

Offer the same sort of trend because this platform offers leverage trading which is extremely popular right now so people think that this is obviously going to help you take off a little bit but obviously I can’t predict the future and so just a reminder that none of this

Is financial advice and please do your own research as well including going through the white paper in your own time Valor is built on the arbitrine blockchain which is a very cheap and super fast layer to ethereum blockchain and these type of layer 2 blockchains are what everyone wants because the

Ethereum mainnet is incredibly slow and expensive but it is really secure so basically layer 2 means that anything that can be built on ethereum can be built on this as well so for example you could build openc on arbitrum if you wanted to so Vela are rewarding the beta

Testers and all you need to do is stake or make a trade there’s no actual guidelines on how much you need to do but people sort of think that around 50 bucks is going to be okay to get you into the airdrop and I’m going to go

Through with you how to do it right now so on here on the Vella exchange and the first thing you’re going to want to do is add the arbitrim network to your metamask it’s really really easy you just come down to add Network it’ll open

It and expand it like this and then you arbitrim will be here and you literally just click add and then it’s added once you’ve added it you need to add some eighth because that is the native token that they use for gas and you also need

To add some usdc and there’s plenty of videos about how to do that and that is pretty easy as well then you need to make an account which takes literally about five seconds and you don’t even need to add any personal information and once you’ve created your account you’ll

Get a confirmation screen which looks like this what’s really cool as well is that you can get referrals which gives you a percentage of their fees and so if you want anybody to sign up just give them your referral link and I’ll leave my link in the description if you want

To sign up using my link I would really appreciate if you did that and if you did want to support the channel then that’s a way that you can do it so once you’ve made your account you can go ahead and stake and trade and I’m going

To get some vlp tokens which basically when you get these the liquidity that you put in goes towards the traders who want to use a leveraged position so basically they need extra money and we’re providing that money now the thing with this is is that if the Traders do

Really really well then we lose money but if they don’t do so well then obviously we get money and the way to think of this is basically like Vegas The House Always Wins and the reason that the house always wins is because it has to win because all otherwise all the

Exchanges would just go bankrupt so you can think of it as like a 51 to US 49 to the Traders so over time you’re gonna basically win because Traders are going to get liquidated they’re going to get stop loss they’re just going to make bad trades The Valor token is the native

Token of the platform and it basically gives you a percentage or a cut of everything that comes through the platform in fact staking any of the tokens so the vlp the Vella or the evela gives you some kind of reward which you can see here so first I’m just going to

Buy some vlp tokens and stake that so I’m just I’ve got 192 USD I’m just going to do 50 bucks at the moment and you just approve that so I’m using a ledger as well so I’m just going to skip ahead while I do The Ledger stuff so now that’s approved I

Can go ahead and mint the vlp and you can see here it’s been minted so I’m just going to stake a hundred percent and you just got to prove this and now it’s approved obviously I’ve just got to stake it and you can see it’s just there now it’s it’s taped

So now I just want to go ahead and buy some Valor so pretty much just do the same thing once you click on buy Valor takes you to Camelot disconnect your wallet and obviously I’m doing it with usdc so I’m just going to change this out to usdc

And because this is sort of like the governance token I just want to put a little bit more of this because this is from everything on the entire exchange so I’m going to put 100 bucks in this time so that’s approved and again I just want to swap it out

And that’s gone through so now we just go back to the value exchange I’m just going to refresh it so it shows the the tokens I just bought and you can hopefully see them there so now I just want to stake those and just go through the same process I want

To do all of them so I just max it out and then just approve it and now just stake and just wait for the website to update and you can see the staked Valor is just there so now I just sit and wait and if

You do want to do a trade then you just come over deposit money and do a trade so this is essentially a platform for Traders and while I’m not a Trader this is something that I know that I should start to learn more about and there is a

Lot of talk about this platform considering that it is a decentralized exchange on a lightning fast Network and people are thinking that these type of decentralized exchanges are actually going to do really well in the next Bull Run because any of the sort of impending regulations which are going to start to

Come in which is going to restrict and monitor the actual movement of money obviously these platforms are going to do well in those type of times and in my opinion right now is a really good time to get in because clearly we are nowhere near a bull market at the moment and you

Know once fomo actually starts then that’s too late so there’s no fomo right now for this so in my opinion it is a perfect time to get in and that’s why I’m going to get in and if you want to get in then just a reminder that my

Referral link is in the description and in a pin comment below and I’d really appreciate it if you did want to use that and no hard feelings if you don’t want to use it as well and my friends I’m just really curious what do you think about this protocol what do you

Think about this layer 2 blockchain and some of the things that they’re doing please leave a comment and until next time I’ll see you all in the next video bye

Vela Exchange website:

The Vela Exchange will be launching soon on the Arbitrium network. It’s in beta at the moment and if you stake or trade you will get the airdrop. In this vid I explain how to stake to get the airdrop and what’s so good about this exchange.


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0:00 – Intro to Vela Exchange
0:54 – The success of other Arbitrium tokens and why Vela will do well
1:54 – Vela Exchange explained
2:40 – How to add Arbitrium to Metamask, referrals, VLP and VELA tokens
4:50 – How to buy and stake on the Vela exchange
6:36 – Why I think it’s good to get in now

Welcome to the channel! I want to be earning a living from passive income. I will share my learnings, failures and successes.

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Disclaimer – This is not financial advice and I’m not a financial advisor. Always do your own research (DYOR) and it’s generally good general advice to not invest more than you’re willing to lose.


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  1. I've heard a bit about VELA in the past, looks promising. My only bugbear is 'another layer 2' to split funds in to. How was the bridging process? quicker than polygon?

  2. Ciao Dan, vorrei consigliarti di fare un video sul miner DIMO( drive to earn), questa settimana ho ricevuto 250 token ( 25$)

  3. Thanks Dan. Very detailed. I'll jump in too. Do you think there is still time to chase the Arbi airdrop? Some peeps say the screenshot has been already taken? Cheers

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