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Hey my name is Connor and welcome to cryptoempire where we dominate the crypto Market this video is going to be a quick tutorial on how to get the valid token airdrop Vela is a decentralized Perpetual trading exchange built on arbitrum and right now it is in beta

Testing and they are going to reward their beta testers with a villa token airdrop so stick with me until the end of this video if you want to learn how to trade on the Bella exchange it’s actually a really clean user interface I do think it has the potential to compete

With the top dexes such as GMX and of course gains network gns has done very well as of late I think that Bella has the potential to be right up there if not better than these so let’s get right into the tutorial and let the games be with you [Applause] so the Vela token is actually already live right now it is trading for a price of 5.67 with a market cap of 36.7 million dollars now important to note if we take a look at the Vela white paper we can see their tokenomics and right

Here 30 of the tokens are going towards Community incentives and part of community incentives is beta test rewards and the platform as I said in the intro the video is currently in beta testing we can see that here in the top left of our screen it’s in data testing

Which is a good thing and if we look at the Vela chart this thing goes back to late January January 26th it was a dollar 25 now it’s trading for 5.75 so just like most arbitrim tokens it’s performed very well right at around this time late January

Was when cyber swap launched and of course cyber swap went from around 20 cents to 22 dollars it did do that 100x however cyber swap is only spot trading Vela is trading with leverage and leverage trading is very popular it’s only going to grow so we have the

Opportunity to get some of these tokens airdropped to us for just being beta testers now the first thing you’re going to want to do is of course make your Vela account this is a decentralized exchange but it kind of has the feel of a centralized exchange because their

User interface is so clean so the first thing you want to do is basically make an account they do have a referral program and you get 20 of the fees if you if somebody signs up with your link so I will leave my referral link down in the description description below I

Would greatly appreciate it if you guys did use my link it goes right back and does support the channel so making your account is the first step now let’s get into the actual tutorial and we’re going to be doing two things we’re going to both trade in stake on the Vela exchange

We’ll stake first so important to note that Vela has three tokens they have the vlp token they develop and the evela now the vlp essentially allows you to act as the house act as the casino remember Vegas always wins The House Always Wins in most casino games the house has a two

Percent Edge right they have 51 odds you have around 49 in most instances all right so over time the house is always going to win so what the vlp token allows you to do is you put usdc in the Vela exchange and that is liquidity for leveraged Traders all right that this is

Needed in order for people to take on Leverage so you’re essentially providing them collateral to trade with and here’s the thing if they win all their trades you’re actually going to lose money by providing liquidity but remember what I said The House Always Wins so if they

Lose they get stopped out or they get liquidated you get more rewards for going ahead and minting and staking vlp so I would recommend there’s no specific guidelines on this airdrop they just want you to use the platform I would say that you’re going to want to stake at

Least 50. worth of Vella tokens in this tutorial video I’m gonna stick both vlp and Vela just to be safe all right so we can go ahead and put 50 here and we’re gonna get 48.319 vlp because right now it’s trading at one dollar and I again I can

Show you the white paper here if we go to the vlp Token this thing launched at one dollar okay so it’s still pretty much at the same price but regardless this gives the whole explanation what I just talked about right you’re the house if you go ahead

And you provide liquidity with usdc you want the traders to basically lose if you’re going to do this that’s the reality of the situation this is a decentralized exchange so you have the opportunity to be the house here all right so step number one we’re gonna go

Ahead and we’re gonna stake some vlp first thing we have to do is approve it and then we’re gonna mint the vlp and now we want to stake that blp all right so three clicks you have to do with this one you got to approve you gotta mint and

Then you got a stake and this is just vlp this is not even The Velo token yet I’m not sure if you even need to stake the DLP I’m just doing it just to be safe all right so bam we went ahead and we s we actually just approved it now we have

To stake it so let’s go ahead and stake All right so we have successfully staked our 48.1 48.319 vlp tokens 50 worth perfect now we want to stay Vela 2. so we’ll go over here on the left side of the screen and we’ll click on Bella and evella and we do need to buy Bella tokens from

A decentralized exchange so again just click on buy Bella here it’s going to take you to the Camelot decks on Arboretum from here you want to connect your wallet in the top right corner of your screen I’m using metamask okay so we’ll go ahead and connect that now as you see here

I have usdc to buy this with so I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to use 110 dollars worth and get myself 19 Vela I’m going a little heavier here just to make sure I get the airdrop basically I mean 110 isn’t really heavy at all but

You get the point right I would say a minimum is 50 you should stake here just to be safe all right so we want to go ahead we just approved it now we’ll swap it to get our Villa tokens and confirm all right let’s let that go through it

Should be very instant here on arbitrum perfect the transaction did go through we’ll head back over here now we want to stake our Villa we’ll refresh the page as well just to make sure it shows up here and perfect it’s it’s here okay so we’ll State the

Maximum of 19 and we will approve it first and also the very cool thing about this exchange is they also have Forex Pairs and they’re going to be adding all the 4X pairs as well so if you trade 4X well you don’t have to use a centralized exchange anymore you can use something

Like Vela and you’re gonna be able to trade Forex so that’s very exciting I’m really looking forward to that so we just went ahead and staked the Vella tokens here all right so we’ve done two tests we’ve staked vlp and we have staked Vela now we’re going to get

Into the trading and we can go back to the white paper I’ll leave this link down in the description below so that you can read this on your own time I definitely encourage you to do your own research here but over here in trading as you can see they currently allow you

To trade Bitcoin ethereum Dogecoin One X to 30X leverage they have three 4X pairs they got the Euro pound and the Japanese Yen and you could go up to 100x leverage right now for 4X and you’re also going to be able to trade market cap pairs so

You’re going to be able to trade the direction of the usdc market cap up and down and they’re going to be adding more which is very exciting up to 30X leverage with that so these are the assets you can trade on the exchange right now it’s in beta testing they’re

Going to add a ton more assets and opening a position right everybody who is familiar with trading should already know kind of how to open a position but I’ll be showing you how to do it in this video I made plenty of exchange tutorial videos leverage tutorial videos here on

The channel I encourage you to check out the trading playlist trading tutorial playlist I’ll leave a card right here if you are brand new to the channel and haven’t seen that yet but there’s four types of orders you can use here a market order a limit order a

Stock market and a stop limit I would say most of the time you’re going to want to be using limit orders but regardless that’s up to you as your style as a Trader and if you are wondering what the trading fees are on the Vela exchange if you’re going to

Open a crypto position you pay a maximum of 0.1 percent fee of the position size opened all right and the same amount must be paid to close a position those are the fees again I’ll leave this link down in the description below so you can go ahead and do your own research and

Read this on your own time but weeder steak at ravela we State vlp now let’s get into trading so the first thing we want to do to trade is we want to deposit usdc to trade with so we will go ahead and hit deposit up here in the

Top right of the screen and we’ll go ahead and I’ll put in 150. and we will deposit this inside I don’t know if there’s a minimum amount you need to trade with for the airdrop I would say to just take a few trades you know every day once every couple days

Whenever you have time just do it consistently and that’s most likely going to boost your airdrop rewards probably going to be off of volume so the number of trades in the amount the size you’re actually trading all right so we just put the 150 in we’ll head on

The top over here where it says trade and we will go ahead and select the asset that we want to trade we got Bitcoin eth or Doge Forex does not open until Sunday night all right so we will trade we’ll trade eth so for these tutorial videos

I basically just open a position for the sake of opening a position no real kind of edge involved but eth will look at this over here on a trading view chart and you know eth is looking kind of bullish had a nice weekend flush out we got some one hour bullish Divergence

Over here so let’s go ahead and long if it’s already kind of starting to break out is it at resistance so maybe we can catch a little breakout for the video so we want to come on over here and we have the option for a market

Order a limit order stock market or stop limit I’ll show you how to set a limit order so also it’s very cool how they allow you to set your risk limit you can put in any amount you want to use for your collateral I have 150 total I could use

So if I only wanted to risk five percent of my account seven dollars and fifty cents I could do that but with such a small amount of capital I’m going to go heavier obviously but let’s say you have a ten thousand dollar account size and you only want to

Risk the basic rule of two percent of your account will you just easily select that two percent and it will go ahead and allow you to do so all right so for this trade I’ll put in 33 of my account and limit order price sure we’ll do 604 for leverage if you

Are brand new to trading and you’ve never traded before you should just uncheck this box where it says leverage and just learn how to trade using spot only if you are an experienced Trader and you already know what you’re doing and you have your Edge in place and you

Have your trading plan in place then you can go ahead and use leverage when it comes to how high you should go I really don’t recommend going higher in 15 to 20 if you’re newer I wouldn’t go higher than five but really kind of a comfortable range is going to be around

10 just to kind of use that on a consistent basis 10x leverage right so that means for fifty dollars of collateral times 10 that’s actually going to be a 500 position instead of fifty dollars that’s leverage all right so after you do that there is no option

Right now to set a stop loss or take profit order when you’re entering the position I’m sure they’re going to add that because again right now this is just in beta test so let’s hit confirm long and we’ll confirm this like so so this order is not going to trigger

Until the price of ethereum comes down to sixteen hundred and four dollars we can see that open order if we hit open orders here in the middle of the screen this is that order it is not yet triggered if I want to cancel it I can

Cancel it right here and also you can see all of your trading activity and I’ve just made this account so I don’t have any trade activity just yet but all of it will be right here for you to see all right so that’s very exciting but for this video of course I

Need to enter an actual trade so we’re going to use a market order and interesting here if you select Market order they allow take profit and stop loss if you check these boxes all right so for our take profit see what we got here on eth

Not the best but we’re gonna go ahead and take this break out stop below this Wick down here and we’ll Target the highs over here for a 1.4 risk reward trade ratio so we’re going to Target 16.75 and stop at 15.53 so take profit 1675 stop loss

1553 really not good risk reward on this I usually go for a minimum two to one this is a one point four to one but whatever we’re doing this because we need to enter a position for a tutorial video today and 25 or 0.25 slippage on the market order

That’s cool we’re using a 50 position so it’s not that big of a deal and we’ll go ahead and confirm it and confirm it one more time and will be entered right into that position Perfect all right we’re in we are in there and we still have okay so we can see we

Still have that original limit order that I placed down at sixteen hundred and four dollars and you can also see the stop loss at 15.53 and the take profit order at 16.75. if I want to click on that okay I can’t adjust it but I could cancel it if I wanted to

Still in beta testing I’m sure they’re going to add all the features at a centralized exchange such as you know bid get would have but regardless I really like this user interface it’s really clean and I think this one has the potential to really really hit hard

Once we do get into a full-on bull market it has regulations and you know centralized entities continue to crack down on decentralization and basically you know freedom of movement for their users these decentralized exchanges that allow leveraged trading Forex Trading they’re only going to really really take off in

User adoption and right now you can be a beta tester for Vela get some free tokens right now they’re almost six dollars and you know this chart’s looking pretty strong here so who knows how high it’s going to go but you might as well get some free tokens and this is

How you do it so again I would really appreciate your support if you wanted to use my link it’s down in the description below but I hope that you did enjoy this video so this was a tutorial video on how to use the Vella exchange and also

Get the Vela token airdrop which is going to be rewarded for beta testers of the Vella exchange and right now it’s in beta testing so you better hop on it while the getting is good but I hope that you did enjoy this video if you did

Make sure you let me know by Smashing that like button down below and if you are brand new to cryptoempire and you are not already subscribed to the Channel go ahead right now and smash that subscribe button down below and turn on all the notifications so that

You don’t miss any future videos and my name is Connor from cryptoempire and I will see you in the next video [Applause]
The VELA token will be airdropped to beta testers of the Vela Exchange on Arbitrum! The Vela Exchange is a DEX that allows leverage trading for both crypto and forex! The Vela Exchange has already released the VELA token however 30% of the overall supply will go towards community incentives such as rewarding beta testers with a VELA token airdrop! It is not too late to get the VELA Token Airdrop and this video will show you how. Other perpetual decentralized exchanges like GMX and Gains Network have done extremely well, and Vela is on the same trajectory. This video will show you to stake VELA tokens and also trade on the Vela Exchange to get the airdrop. Enjoy!

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Vela Whitepaper:

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0:54 Vela Token Airdrop Details
2:03 Create Your Vela Exchange Account
2:45 Stake VLP Tokens
5:33 Stake VELA Tokens
7:26 Vela Exchange Overview
9:10 Vela Exchange Trading Tutorial
13:15 Market Order Example
16:06 Closing Summary

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