GNY Price Prediction 2023

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Hey guys both here it is gni price update so this is uh uh you know on the top artificial intelligence coins on coin gecko list and uh you know air coins had a massive run up right now they are pulling back a little bit here which I like because I’m going to be

Buying tons of AI coins I actually have found a new token AI token that’s launching very high quality they have actually partnered up with Lambert freaking Genie like Lamborghini partner up partnership the project is so hot wealthy I love it I’m definitely going to buy it so check the first thing in

Description if you want to get started there learn more about that and let’s look at gni is what Gina is doing instead what they’re trying to do is build a useful predictive machine learning tools for the crypto trading community make machine learning that’s big thing AI so driven token utility DNA products

So the token is basically used in the ecosystem I’m not a huge Trader um basically I don’t trade at all that’s why you know it’s very hard for me to like is this helping anybody I don’t know like pretty prediction markets and stuff like that like yeah no one knows

Like it’s you know Imagine Learning predictions for crypto Traders so if you are true if you are you know trading based on predictions I mean that’s the same as you would do like horoscope on like who should you buy today so might as well just flip a coin right but we’re

Just here doing the same exit theme and this video so might as well so you know in last bowl when it went to two dollar range here right and in this AI hype it went from the bottom was like one cent okay and it went from 17 cents

Or 17x in the middle of the bear that’s insane that is absolutely insane by the way uh in the bear so you can see the volume 10x and the price the next with that so it’s all about volume and this is on eat and it’s also on

Binance marketing so I like it so it’s very easy for people to get it’s a pancakes map so it’s a low fees and then a unit web excuse me so I don’t personally like to buy it on Main net but any tokens on each mainnet because

The gas fees are so huge they’re just so huge I don’t like that in last Bull Run I paid 300 like 300 for transactions on Eid that’s insane like that is too much right so I buy right now on all my tokens on basic Planet smart chain or

Other layers use like optimism and stuff like that but anyway you can find more here first in the description idea and I could go to the distance it could go to the higher prices in my opinion from these prices it could go you know I

Could say you know I could say 50 cents to like freaking five dollars no one knows what’s going to happen with these AR Peaks and these like when people ape like people just freaking hate however I’m not buying this right now because I’m not a huge Trader you know let’s

Look at the team I usually just yeah this is the bro this approach I wouldn’t buy you know but it seems to be a legit one like the project is legit that have been here for years and yeah but you know I could buy this one because it has already pumped in the

Last Bull Run you know there’s new projects coming in I don’t even know how much people are using this so you know I’m not buying it thank you so much for watching see inside the emails and peace out

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