GNY Range Report Introduction

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Genie machine learning transforms millions of historical data points into evidence-based predictions for the first time Genie is bringing a predictive tool directly to our community the genie range report utilizes our proprietary machine learning engine to predict Bitcoin Market volatility the report is released daily and provides a seven-day snapshot of what

Our ml engines predict for upcoming daily volatility of Bitcoin as well as other essential indicators a range report for ethereum and other cryptos will follow soon these predictions are designed to provide you a more data-driven less emotional data point to devise the best trading strategy Genie will continue to develop new and

Exciting predictive ml tools we invite collaborators to work with us on Future tools stay tuned for more ml driven tools to make more sense of Your data-driven World

The GNY Range Report ( uses proprietary machine learning to identify repeatable patterns in crypto trading from over 70 datasets with millions of combined datapoints. Our ML models generate a Volatility Forecast that shows the daily projected high/low volatility price bands for the asset over the upcoming 7 days.
The Range Report’s Opportunity Zone feature displays the price areas where the ML model forecasts that the asset may represent a value opportunity to a trader.
A Relative Value line indicator forecasts where the average price is best represented based on the behaviour patterns learnt from the various historical on-chain data points spanning three years and the latest price information over the previous 8 weeks.

The Range Report also includes Hourly and Daily Trading Indicators for Hikkake, Parabolic SAR, RSI, MACD, Stochastic, Average Price, On-Balance Volume (OBV), Average Directional Movement (ADX), Ultimate Oscillator, Fibonacci Retracement, Coppock Curve, and more.

Hedge funds invest millions to build AI prediction tools. The GNY Range report give you access to the same caliber model with indicators, training, and a constant stream of new features and tokens. Try it out at


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