Harmony ONE Staking | Yield Farming Tutorial for ONE / stONE

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Harmony ONE TRANQ stONE | This video covers how to convert your ONE tokens into stONE and use them to provide liquidity on Sushiswap. It is a great strategy that allows you to still earn almost 10% APY on your ONE tokens while also earning TRANQ token exposure and LP fees. You are then able to either liquidate your TRANQ tokens for more ONE or to stake your TRANQ on Tranquil Finance. Let me know what you guys think of this strategy and what other investments you are looking at!

0:00 Intro
1:00 Tranquil Overview
1:54 Mimas Finance Stablecoin Strategy
5:00 Deposit ONE for stONE
6:16 Provide Liquidity
6:53 Stake LP tokens
7:20 Benefit of stONE/ONE LP (impermanent loss)
8:13 Summary of Strategy
9:23 Unstaking stONE & Exhange Rate


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  1. Hi! just one question, what if i decide to stake more LP later once staked? is that possible?

  2. Dude, all defi farming dapps are almost the same. If they're pegged to a shit coin then
    it will dump hard just like the others.

    You're better off staking ONE and get 12% APY on a decent coin.

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