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HECO bill rises about 7% or $15 in October

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Hawaii is ending its use of coal to make electricity, the state’s last coal-fired power plant at Campbell Industrial Park is set to close next month as part of the state’s transition to clean energy, but the move will come at a cost to customers.

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  1. This is going to make living in Hawaii more difficult no matter if renewable sources are here.

  2. This wouldn't be a problem if we had not allowed HECO to block people and businesses from installing solar and battery systems on their properties and connecting them to the grid for so many years. We could have been so much closer to our renewable goals.

  3. All the government kick backs HECO gets, electricity in hawaii should be free for the people. Only business should pay for electricity.

  4. Democrats failing the working class of Hawaii. Putin is not to blame, Biden is. Hawaii needs Hemp farms for oil.

  5. This State is becoming more a joke day by day and can’t even be mad anymore 😂😂

  6. How stupid, sold your house to make money but didn't build a new one now homeless. And you expect us to pay for your mistake. I should dip my hand in your wallet to pay for the increase. Own up to it stop blaming others.

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