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HECO electric bills set to increase October

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HECO electric bills set to increase October

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  1. Das aurite you guys live in paradise. No worries braddah uncle going take of you. 🤣🤣🤙

  2. to those of you blaming democrats… let's not forget "Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative" was signed in 2008 by Lingle, and HECO CEO Connie Lau; who has taken home one of the highest salaries in hawaii year over year until her retirement in 2021. how does the CEO of a public utility take home over $5 million dollars yearly salary? maybe because HECO is a monopoly, and as a result became the gatekeepers for home solar installation; obviously there is less incentive for them to make that process easier, because it ultimately pays them less in the end.

  3. Blame the environmentalist that told us climate change is is real, they said the barriers reefs is dying from climate change that wasn’t true it’s growth was the highest ever recorded this year, and the said the ice cap was melting at a rate never before seen that also wasn’t true they just did a study on it and reported the opposite of what the environmentalist have been saying. The data has been manipulated by these scientist to cause panic and fear so that we make decision that will drastically change the way we live. They been using these arguments for 30 plus years now and today we are seeing the exact opposite from what they been reporting. The only thing climate change affects is our wallets and the quality of the products been sold to us at the highest possible price. Hawaii already is the most expensive state to live in and this will only make it worst. I think it time to get a second opinion on climate change Because the predictions the scientists made was false because the data they based it off of was flawed.

  4. Wait you complaning 64 to 88? I cut down my energy use and mines still at 300 and climbing.

  5. Oil prices was going a whole year before the Ukraine Russia conflict. The Biden Administration stopped oil production in the U.S., therefore driving up the cost of oil.

  6. Ah, it’s the Russian’s. It couldn’t be the usual corruption on politicians a corporations eh?

  7. Time to sell and move mainland!! Locals can’t survive when wage don’t increase with cost of living!!

  8. Nothing new in Hawaii, taxes only goes up. Crooked politician candidates in office legislature in office crooks at the state level.

  9. Thank you President Biden, you always manage to make our lives easier 🙂 please vote for him again!

  10. Going green. Worry about the water. Vote Red down ballot. Vote Bj Penn. Huli the system.

  11. Does Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab own HECO? Everyone still buying the leftist globalist lie? It’s Russia right. 🙄Russia is the good guy. We’re the global totalitarian shitheads. Meanwhile our criminal government passes more spending bills to weaken our dollar. This muppet says green energy will cost us less in the future. 😂 uh huh, that’s like a politician saying taxes are coming down. This fat man in glasses talking needs to be slapped in his head. Anyone else sick of leftist liars’ great reset??!

  12. Minimum wage going up about $2 more in October. Perfect timing. Food going up, taxes going up.

  13. black outs are on it way. Prices are never going to go down. Sustainability will be less to you and me. Then the power elites will find a way to charge you for a even lower consumption. And what about all the E.V. cars that will be sucking up electricity. Just remember sustainability will mean less for the users except the elites and the government. Lets see the government operate will less. Turn the air and lights off at the big square building. Stop building more consumers of energy. GREEN will cause Hawaii go BLACK. There is not enough green energy to ever replace the dinos. It is all about control. How am I going to cook the bugs I am supposed to eat now. I ain't going to eat the raw. F. Y. greenies.

  14. I have the ability to make electricity out of air enough is enough I’m not getting silenced

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