Here's Why Cathie Wood Just SOLD $COIN COINBASE!! | RED FLAGS??!

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$COIN Coinbase, coin, a crypto exchange that went public last year, is under heavy scrutiny from every branch of government, as well as large hedge funds. In today’s video, we go through what is happening to Coinbase, why Coinbase is up today, and why Coinbase crashed.

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0:00 Intro
1:01 Coinbase Controversy
4:56 Coinbase Fundamentals
6:47 3 “Red Flags” For Coinbase
9:36 $COIN Chart Analysis/Predictions


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  1. Excellent video: informative, concise, not too long 🙂 Yes, periodic Coinbase follow-ups would be great. Any interesting defi opportunities or projects, let us know. 🙂

  2. In my opinion, they should be making a lot of money. There is a big difference between what you pay when buying and what you get when selling. PLUS, there is a fee for each transaction.

  3. I dropped my account with them. The amount of emails saying my password needed to be changed was insane. I could tell but most of the emails were not legit which lets me know their site is not safe. I got sick and tired of having to call them and wait on the phone all the time

  4. I have changed my mind Tom am thinking bidcoin going too as low as 10k if not lower because it had a double top an we are heading into worrying times short term might hit 25k or 30k then drop

  5. Thank you for the information, I am invested in coinbase a long time (what means I am badly in the red with them)

  6. I hope they are okay. I have an account with them. This stuff can make a person a nervous wreck. Everything I read about them, they are one of the safest exchanges.

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