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Documentary on a Journey through the Financial Circulatory System: Hot Money – An eye-opening and intricate look at the global financial system.

Hot Money (2021)
Director: Susan Kucera
Stars: Jeff Bridges, Wesley Clark, Katharina Pistor
Genre: Documentary
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 19 January 2021 (USA)
Filming Location: USA

With wit, satire, and historical context, Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, General Wesley Clark and his son Wes Clark Jr. take us on a journey through the financial circulatory system connecting farmers, homeowners, bankers, academics, and business professionals in a tale that explains the knot of economic forces that can lead to collapse and how to untie it.

“Hot Money delves into how deeply connected the economy and environment are and no matter what your beliefs are, you need to see this film. The human race is on its way down a dangerous path and we need to educate ourselves before it’s too late. The relationship and banter between General Wesley Clark and Wes Clark Jr. are a perfect fit for this type of doc. 10/10!”
– written by “missinnayang” on IMDb.com

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  2. Another poster is right in that this tries to narrow the focus of causality back to the narrative of the moment – climate.
    But much of the stuff mentioned here is about what man has made and what he has rigged of the financial and political systems – and these are the real causalities of what ails us and what would bring us down … pure human nature.

  3. Well how did black peoples feel about all this next one bring your pop I love to hear we have to say he a good man think you for this doc

  4. After this winter and going into the new year you're all going to find out how important energy is and how it's produced and delivered and consumed

  5. I actually know what would change the world faster and for the better uniting all people.
    1) Every corrupt politician, banker, financial person must be put in prison for life. All of this must be seen on TV.
    2) All people are to be made whole from all of the wage theft, illegal taxes going back to our great grandparents.
    3) The truth about JFK, 911, and the fake virus must be told to the world.
    If these 3 things happened, you would see a transformation in the world and then people could unite.

  6. Commendable job joining the dots…Wants vs Needs led Production fuelled by Consumption. Endgame is Greed will Bleed Humanity.
    The new measurement of Prosperity ought to shift from GDP and perhaps consider Global Wellbeing.

  7. Please stop propagating the nonsense of anthropogenic climate change. We produce 3% of 0.04% of total atmospheric CO2 and make negligible difference to what mother earth creates on her own.

  8. It's a human nature issue, the next words are what sell's, human nature issue there is no money in nature.

  9. People do have a choice. They choose to spend money they don't have on stuff they dont need. No one is forcing them to do it. They do it because they are trying to live a life style they can't afford either because they feel they deserve it or so people will think they are richer than they feel they are.

  10. Australians gaslight and alienate some so they are more easily excluded from society then we are roped back in for slavery. But I won't you can't make me It will cost you? Why are you not reasonable, I don't like terroists I don't like bullies so why are these oz nazis flaunting their privates all over the place. I suppose what I am trying to say is, they are inneffective at working great at breaking things and for some reason they have all the support. What is their problem, low iq, low iq is their problem.

  11. when idiots try to gaslight it is tedious and when they murder the poor i feel a deep sadness because that is avoidable. sense.

  12. You forget your government followed by your puppets in the west, has put sanctions on the country and stifled any growth, ask yourself why America has been sanctioned Cuba for decades.
    Your country is a bully, and needs to be called out for what they are, and it’s not humanitarian.

  13. Wait until WW3 starts. Money ain't gonna mean shit. After WW3, money is going to be about as significant as a speck of dirt.

  14. Not having kids because something's going to happen to the planet that you yourself don't have any vision of at all the world looks exactly the same for me as it did when I was 10 years old and I'm 56 is an irrational idea. I'll just talk about the civilization ending in a dozen years it just isn't true the planet's been hotter before it'll be cheaper to move the cities that it is to try to protect them all this stuff like electric cars which is good but it's not going to say it we have to get used to the fact that we're going to have a much hotter planet. I'm very concerned about that I take science seriously but human beings have been wrong before look at lab. We just killed a million of our own people I mean that's why no one's investigating that very much all the details everyone knows it's going to believe for the rest of time for that happened in a lot please and all the details will slowly come out

  15. somalia is doing well now . the clip you used representing somalia is not true. and thanks for uploading this Documentry really well explained how the banks are robbing people nowadays .

  16. Want to see truth about our economy? "Surpluses" came into existence when our ancestors switched from a Hunter-Gatherer lifeway incapable of finding and transporting surpluses of any good, most importantly food, and developed sedentary grain and domestic pastoral agriculture. Climate collapse is the direct result of human overpopulation, now 3,000 times more massive than when our ancestors lived a migratory H-G lifeway. These fools, especially true of Wesley Clark, could care less about the "future" his grandchildren can expect. His ignorance of the truth is exemplary of the tragedy preventing any modern informed young person from having children. 75 yrs. ago, our worldwide population was 2.5B, and now we are 8B. What could go wrong. Stress R Us

  17. Nice documentary 👌. Although I must say all of the so called solutions won't work(not in a technical sense), the problem is that these kind of humans think they can change the world by rational means I mean come on grow up if you want to change the world you must be willing to build an army and go to war with the opposing side and last man standing takes all. Bring humanity to it's knees only then will they change their ways. Humans will not change their ways while their bellys are full and their offspring have some future in sight.

  18. It is all about submission.
    Human have learned nothing, human is so gullible.
    When you are well born, you do not live with others, you live against others.
    That the philosophy who is working the world.
    And because it is always the same dogma it will have a bad end as usual.
    A little french lost in the middle of nowhere.

  19. 🔥it hurts to be weak and stupid.
    thanks for posting the cause of all the social problems.
    it's not your leaders, it's the fools that pay for the parasitic political de facto overlordship.
    this is one of the problems.🔥
    ⚡another is that you dummy have been trained like rats.
    you idiots call it education – the docility training for animal and you humaroids are a pathetic herd.
    ⚡so your still not civilized. your depend fools that's why there is a dumb ad every 2 mins.⚡
    the soltion is so simple.🔥

  20. 8B people, 3$-1$ accounting support. 1Q+$ unfunded liabilities, 300T debts, 100T GDP..
    Accounting Errors, approved and endorsed by the same people who prints and play, all accountabilities lost. We lost the ability ask the questions, except the noises of gloom n doom. Fear works, greed talks, the honest accounting barks; Digital Ledger Technology.

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