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How Decentralized is Wrapped ETH (WETH) compared to WBTC?

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The cool thing about a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) is that the voting, benefits, and wealth of the organization is fairly distributed between the holders of that DAO. That doesn’t mean total equality, since one can usually purchase more voting power and ownership of a DAO, but the point is that everyone has a fair chance to buy in, and generally the power distribution is far more decentralized than a traditional company. In contrast, a traditional company, while it may offer goods and services to all, is ultimately designed to make just a few people very rich. The Wise Ecosystem is an attempt to accomplish what many DAOs fail to accomplish, which is a fairly distributed and radically pure ecosystem for DeFi and NFT products and services.

Nearly every DeFi/NFT product or service today is controlled by a traditional company whose goal is to increase the wealth of the investors who created it rather than benefiting the broader community of users with that revenue. DAOs attempt to solve this inefficiency, but the problem is that creating useful and equitable goods and services requires a ton of effort and money, and it is practically impossible to distribute that funding and work across all the DAO members evenly. It would be unfair to expect any person or small group capable of creating a successful product to put in the effort to create something successful while only getting the same reward as the other DAO members who put in less work. Additionally, good ideas are often controversial, and the bureaucracy of a DAOs governance system often keeps them from competing. Strong unfettered leadership is essential in start-ups.

Despite these challenges, The WISE Army recognizes the potential benefits of a purely fair and equitable ecosystem of products if it were to exist. The first benefit would be that any user who exists in that ecosystem would benefit more from using goods and services there than anywhere else. The second benefit is that it would be nearly impossible to compete with the products in the purely fair/equitable ecosystem, because there is absolutely no incentive for competitors to compete. Instead, those founders would be incentivized to build their products inside the existing fair/equitable ecosystem. They would get to buy into the existing ecosystem at no disadvantage, and start reaping the network benefits and growth from everything that currently exists within the ecosystem.

The good news is that the foundation of this ecosystem has been built. Peter Girr along with his elite dev team has created WISE token, the backbone of this ecosystem, along with LiquidNFTs (a place to get loans in ETH or USDC using your NFT as collateral) and the Wise Protocol (an innovative upgrade to lend/borrow platforms such as Aave).

WISE token is like concentrated ETH. It had a completely fair launch, raising 57,900 ETH, with zero tokens going to anyone outside of the free market auction (see the “Liquidity Transformer” link at the footer of our main website). Even the founder had to purchase his own tokens at the market rate. The market for buying/selling WISE exists on Uniswap, and the WISE/ETH pool is currently the largest pool on Uniswap. The pool is permanently locked, meaning there is a permanent un-ruggable trading market for WISE which also creates a price floor for WISE in ETH. Anyone can swap WISE to ETH or ETH to WISE, but no one can remove the trading pool. WISE has a much smaller market cap than ETH, which means that the growth of the Wise Ecosystem will affect the value of WISE far more than it would have affected ETH if we decided to just use that instead.

The LiquidNFTs and WISEprotocol apps generate revenue that, instead of going to the founding team, goes to purchasing WISE in a completely decentralized and closed-loop manner, and the purchased WISE is owned by the community of token holders.These mark the first two products in our ecosystem. We hope that The WISE Army can help raise awareness so that we can grow the success of our ecosystem, and encourage more builders and partners to join the cause.

The market for Web3 goods and services will eventually be saturated enough that founders have to build increasingly more fair products. We are looking to jump-start the inevitable.

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