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HOW HIGH CAN QNT GO IN 2025? (Realistic Price Prediction)

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How high can Quant go in 2025. in this video we are going to be covering three price targets which I think Quant can go to in the year 2025 or say in the next Market rally by the way guys if this is your first time on the channel make sure

You guys drop a like on this video and also subscribe if you are new because that will be really really appreciated anyways with that being said let’s get back to the video and the main topic which is how high can Quant go in 2025 now guys before we move to targets we

Need to understand that Quant is a project that is built for mostly the big companies Enterprises and financial institutions out there you know its main purpose is not to serve the retail investors or say common investors like me and you its main focus is to focus or

Say is to help those big companies Enterprises as well as the financial institutions out there so you know if you think that you know Quant is not really helping you or you know your fellow friends that is not a problem problem because actually the main target

Audience work want is not us it’s those big institutions out there where the most of the money is being stored at now guys at this moment Quant is around 110 dollars with a market cap of about 1.3 billion dollars so you already know that it is quite a developed project already

And it has got a backing of a loan of good investors and a lot of serious investors behind it so you know you are not really investing into a new project instead you are investing into a project that shows massive potential for growth in the future and it already has a

Backing of a lot of money behind it as well as a huge amount of companies now let me tell you some price targets which I think God can reach in the next coming years so I have divided this into three personal targets which I think are Optimum and reachable for Quant in the

Next uh next World Rally so make sure guys watch this entire video so guys the first is the target number one and that is is between fifteen hundred dollars to about three thousand dollars now that is about a 15x move from these price points which I think is pretty decent but for

Some people out there you know you might be thinking that this is so low and you know we are expecting a much higher rate of return with Quant as opposed to just like about three thousand dollars or fifteen hundred dollars now as I’ve mentioned over here as well this is the

Easiest Target for Quant for the next World Rally Quant can easily make this move since all it needs to do is to create awareness among the big companies and when they see Quant as an asset they will get into it also guys the bull markets play a role in this as well

Since everything goes up in uh in the bull markets you know even the shittiest projects out there see a huge pump towards the upside in the bull markets so Quant which is already a really good project which has a lot of backing in the Beer Market you can expect corn to

Make much higher move and that is why I will bring to you or tell you the Target too where most of the people are planning to take their profits at so guys Target 2 is between four thousand dollars to about six thousand dollars and that is about a 50x move

From the current price points now this is the target where most of the people will be taking their profits my profits my profit targets are somewhere in the middle as well but if you want to know the exact price targets which I am planning to take my profits make sure

Guys watch this entire video because I will be explaining that in the very end I expect this will be the time when most of the retail investors will start looking at the project and some of them will start investing while many others will keep in their watch list and look

For a better entry but guys what is going to be happening is pretty pretty simple and something we see in cryptocurrencies all the time you know when a project makes like a massive move like a 50x move according to these price targets a lot of people get to know

About the project from like various news articles YouTube videos or you know basically mainstream media and whenever we uh they found out a project which I has already been going up and when they find that you know Quant is a really good project where many of the big companies are also associating with

They’re going to start putting this project on their watch list and you know they’re gonna be looking for a chance to entry or say a chance to enter the project so that they can make some good gains as well that said guys they probably won’t get a chance and that is

When you know they will see that Quant is going to be pumping even further than that and this will lead us to Target number three now the target number three is a seven thousand dollar or nine thousand dollar Quant and that is about 80x move from these price points now

This target is highly unlikely yeah guys this is something which I want to put out there as well now I know a lot of people out there say that you know Quant is gonna be reaching uh you know ten thousand dollars or twenty thousand dollars or hundred thousand dollars out

There but guys I just want to tell you all that that whenever you think that you know these crazy price targets are possible you know just do the math for yourself and something that you know for that uh price to reach how much market

Cap would be need to get to and if you believe that you know this is something which is achievable you know your target is good to go but guys if you ever think that you know this is something which is highly impossible to do you know that is

When you need to you know rethink your price targets now as I said before as well this target is highly unlikely to hit in the next rally but it is possible if we see Mass adoption with qnt or say Quant now Quant will also have to show the Partnerships with multiple big

Companies out there so you know if it Partners off with let’s say about Facebook or Google you know just one of them that is not good enough for such a massive move Quant will have to partner up with multiple big companies and that is the main important reason which will

Push its Target or say the price towards the upside because guys when these when these companies will show their support for Quant retail investors will dump all their money into project thinking that you know they are gonna see a massive move towards the upside and this will

Pump up the price but guys this has been seen time to time and again and again as well you know whenever we see projects you know which have got collaborations or say Partnerships with big companies out there a lot of retail investors out there those who do not do their own

Research you know they fall into the Trap and they just invest into the project thinking that you know they are gonna get some insane returns in the next coming five years but guys what happens is the complete opposite that is the time where majority of people who

Are you know uh stacking now buying now are taking their profits and getting out so basically the people who are stacking now are buying at lower prices and selling at a higher price while compared to the other people who are gonna look at the project when the Partnerships

Come in you know they are going to be buying at the top and then they’re gonna be selling somewhere in the bottom now ultimately this scenario will always lead to a quick downfall to a target number one and two so guys let’s say if Quant reaches about seven thousand

Dollars and a person decides to invest into one thinking that you know he will uh he or she is going to be exiting at about fifteen thousand dollars so that is about a 2X move which is really good but compared to the gains which we are making in the early stages this is

Nothing so let’s say you know what happens is that we see a price movement towards the upside and Quant reaches nine thousand dollars however guys this is where a lot of investors you know finally decide to dump all their money you know I’m talking about those investors who have been investing into

Quant for like uh at these price points are the current price points or let’s say like about two hundred dollars three hundred dollars so when we are exiting those are the people who are buying and this is when we are gonna see a quick downfall and a dump in the price to

Boost like about four thousand dollars one thousand dollars or even two thousand dollars that is when even our money will be down by significantly a lot of amount but however guys we are going to be still in profit while all those investors are gonna be uh getting

Wrecked and that will lead to another beer market come in play so it’s best to get out before that happens and focus on stacking right now when you know you are getting a chance to get into a project which is uh really well developed and which is uh you know serving Mass audiences

Now guys let me tell you my targets because I think this is somewhat relevant as well so that you know you can get to know you know how I am planning to take my profits and what is my strategy with with Quant because I’m gonna be completely honest my strategy

Is probably the simplest out there I just DCA into Quant every single week and this is how I’m planning to take my profits now I’m planning to take major profits at around 3 500 to about five thousand dollars now that’s about a 45x move from the current price points even

Though you know you are I’m I will be getting about a 70x or 60x on my portfolio because I have invested at lower price points however guys if you check out the current price points I’m gonna be getting like a 45x move which is absolutely crazy and insane and I

Have a huge part of my portfolio in Quant and that’s why I will be a little more conservative as well so you know when Quant gets to like about 3500 I’m gonna be taking some major profits now when Quant reaches about 3 700 I’m gonna be again taking profits and so and so

And so on now guys one thing I’ll say this is a point which I think you all should be you know listening to as well is that you know you make sure to check when the retail investors are looking to invest in Quant guys whenever you see

That you know a lot of YouTubers are making videos on same Quant Gala H bar these type of all coins you know whenever that happens it’s a good sign to start taking uh to you know start taking profits because this is when you know a lot of investors or say retail

Investors will find these low cap gems and they will be investing all their money into it so you know if you take your profits right over then you know you are gonna be having the best chance to make the most amount of gains now that’s the way that I found to be more

Successful and the most successful out of all the other ways out there as well so I’m gonna be a little bit biased towards this method however guys if you have some under another method out there you know make sure guys let me know in the uh in the comment section Down Below

In the end guys I just have one more thing to say which is set your own Target after doing your own research I repeat this on my channel multiple number of times but guys this is a fact which a lot of you should be taking in

Mind remember to not be greedy and take your profits when your target hits because I have seen a lot of people you know even though that they are well beyond their Target price they still think that you know this crypto can go even higher than this and what happens

Is that in a 99 of times what happens is that we always go into another beer market or a downward fall and they lose all their gains because guys no one has gone probe taking profit and this is what you guys should be following as well you should be taking your profits

Whenever the chance comes and whenever your target hits and that is how I think you’re gonna be most successful in the crypto space and yeah guys that’s gonna be pretty much it from this video I hope you guys got some insight sites on various price targets which I have for

Quant and which other YouTubers have as well because even though I was just covering my own research I also took a lot of inspiration from other YouTubers as well so I hope this was helpful for you all and if this was you know make sure you guys drop a like on this video

Subscribe to my channel if you are new and you know just keep watching my videos again and again because that gives me a lot of motivation to make more videos just like with just like this one I’ll catch you all in the next one hope you all have an amazing day peace out

HOW HIGH CAN QNT GO IN 2025? (Realistic Price Prediction)

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