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ALWAYS use the updated code provided in the description of THIS VIDEO to prevent any problems.

if for any reason you dont want to run the bot and want to have your BNB you send to the contract back, we have added a withdrawFund function that you can call and have your BNB sent back to your address.
We have also added a Step by Step Guide to the LINKS section of this description. It explains how to deploy and run the bot in a simple way with screenshots.

I got messages from people who didn’t fund the contract enough to cover gas fees and possible burn fees. Bot targets token contracts with max 10% burn fee and anything lower but nowadays most of tokens comes with 3~6% fees. If you fund the contract with less than 0.5 BNB, the bot might target another token with high burn fees the contract will basically waste your moeny in fees rather than using it to make profit. Due to the competitive gas war on new token listings, it is recommended to fund the contract with around 0.5 – 1 BNB to make sure that it has sufficient funding for gas fees and possible burn fees. I personally start with 2 BNB.


In this video I will guide you to run and deploy a $15000 Front Running bot written in Solidity. With this, you will be able to passively generate thousands a day, all from the comfort of your own home. So hurry up and run this bot for yourself before Pancakeswap bans this.

The cool thing about the bot is that your BNB you sent before to the Contract is still counted in the Frontrun Pool. If you added some BNB at first to the Bot Contract and you got some profit in return, you can just add more BNB to The Front Run Contract To Keep your Bot in front of other Frontrun Bots. For example if you added 0.5 BNB at first then add 0.6 BNB later, total amount of BNB in your Frontrun Pool will be 0.5 + 0.6 = 1.1 BNB and you will make more profit. remember that after each time you add BNB to the bot, you have to press Action.

The way front running bots work is very simple:
– Bots locate any new liquidity added to a BSC token.
– Bots immediately buy milliseconds before the confirmation of liquidity.
– Then sell seconds after for guaranteed profit.
– 90% of the profit is sent back to your wallet, 10% is kept in the Frontrun Pool for the next transaction.

** LINKS **
Metamask :

Connect MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain :

Remix Compiler :
NOTE: Choose Inject Provider – Metamask in REMIX (Web 3 inject has been renamed after I made this Video)

SCAM ALERT: Beware of online videos promoting “liquidity front runner bots”. There are fake videos promoting same bots with manipulated code. Only use Solidity Version. Remember to check the WBNB or WETH address in the code. There should not be a private wallet address. If there is any private wallet in the code. Please avoid those bots.
Does not work on testnets.

Smart Contract Code (Copy and Paste all of it) :

Step by Step Guide :

For any questions you can contact me at

Enjoy and happy front-running!!! 🚀

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  1. Good news! I've recently updated the bot smart contract to improve the profit margins even further. In the process, a full code refactor was made. This code refactor lays the groundwork to keep improving profits by optimizing the sniping algorithm. So stay tuned for upcoming updates!
    Step by Step Guide Article:

    SCAM ALERT: Beware of online videos promoting "liquidity front runner bots". There are fake videos promoting same bots with manipulated code. Only use Solidity Version. Remember to check the WBNB or WETH address in the code. There should not be a private wallet address. If there is any private wallet in the code. Please avoid those bots.

  2. My friend shared me your video. I though its a scam or prank but holly shit it worked

  3. Always heard people talk about frontrunning on reddit, nice to know it's possible for anyone to do this 👍

  4. Hi. If I want to do a swap of the token I borrowed before paying back the loan, what should i do? Add internal function to the code or call with the script an external function?

  5. Profits are getting low. Not 10x anymore but still better. you need to update the code sir too much people are using it

  6. Hello, II want to try this too, I think it's too beautiful! Question: Do I need BNB or WBNB? Thank you very much,

  7. Any chance to be able to customize the gas input on the bot? Or is it already set at a reasonable level?

  8. Great concept, didn't even know this was possible, beats trading on a centralized exchange for sure! Gain train baby

  9. I was little scared to do the transaction in the beginning but your tutorial clarified my all doubts.Thanks man.

  10. Hey mate, I am going to try this, but how do I find new launches to try this with? Or does it find tokens on its own?

  11. Thank you for posting honest videos in cryptocurrency 🙂 its hard to find people who are honest and not just trying to hype something up to the moon or with laser eyes.

  12. This is not a scam guys it worked. Be aware of other scam videos with manipulated code and private wallet address. Always check address in the code and all links

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