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How Much Safemoon Do You Need to be a MILLIONAIRE? (Honest Price Thoughts)

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In this video, I give my thoughts on Safemoon’s usecases, tokenomics, team and how many SFM tokens are required to be a millionaire. I also give an honest review of the negatives and positives.

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  1. Well as long as John keeps rugging and people keep believing in this scam, this thing will keep destroying lives. It’s a scam y’all. They are under fraud investigations and most of their folks will go to jail. Check out!

  2. The safemoon card is in case your safemoon and reflections make you wealthy and you will be able to spend it easier.

  3. The community is immense, If I recall correctly, I believe it was the community that kept asking for merch. I mean it's a good conversation starter. Great video.

  4. No offence, but you can't talk about any price predictions and becoming a millionaire with a certain bag size without mentioning the burn and reflections. One dollar in the next 2-3 years is quite possible considering all the utilities being released and another bull market starting.

  5. Used half my safemoon for grove token, I like safemoon but I’m tired of their bs. Grove seems to be promising, hope they don’t pull the crap safemoon is doing.

  6. Sir excellent video and very honest. You get a subscribe and sure hope more videos are made. I have been with Safemoon since May 2021 and I have definitely been a ride. Holding strong and will evaluate in 2024.

  7. But why spend or swap ur sfm for money on a 10% fee, when the card only charges u 2% fee? If i can save my safemoon i would definitely use the card.

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