How The Metaverse, Crypto and Web3.0 Can Save The World: Yat Siu

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Yat Siu is an entrepreneur and angel investor. Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, he moved to Hong Kong in 1996 to set up Hong Kong Cybercity, the first free web page and email provider in Asia. Before Hong Kong, he landed his first job at Atari in Germany, and later at graphic software company Lexicor, where he served as director and head of the U.S. East Coast division. In the late ‘90s, he set up Outblaze, which was sold to IBM in 2009 and incorporated into IBM’s LotusLive suite of services.

In 2011, he founded Hong Kong-based Animoca, one of the world’s largest apps for developers and publishers. The company is behind hit apps such as Pretty Pet Salon (one of Apple’s top apps of 2011) and Cinderella Cafe. Receiving early funding from venture capital firms Intel Capital and IDG-Accel, Animoca went on to develop and publish hundreds of apps across both Android and iOS platforms.

In 2014, Siu founded Animoca Brands, a company created through the spinoff of the licensing and publishing arms of Animoca, that uses technology like blockchain and artificial intelligence to develop and publish mobile products like The Sandbox, and it’s the official distributor of CryptoKitties in China.

During his fruitful career, Yat Siu was named “Global Leader of Tomorrow” and a “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum and received various other awards for his contributions to business and society. In this episode, Yat tells Simon exaclty how Web 3.0 can save the world if navigated in the right way, as well as giving his advice to young people looking to start a business in the modern world of crypto, Web 3.0 and the metaverse.


0:00 – Intro
2:16 – Who is Yat Siu and what are Animoca brands?
4:00 – What is a digital dictatorship?
10:40 – Is there an alternative to big platforms like Facebook?
14:20 – Will we see the fall of the big platforms?
19:40 – What should young people build today?
23:51 – What do you look for when investing in companies?
31:00 – What is the future of crypto?
39:22 – How Yat raised 75 million in the bear market
41:05 – NFTs and the truth about crypto
49:44 – ‘F*ck the metaverse’?
55:50 – Purpose
01:02:22 – Yat’s net worth
01:10:00 – The education system is broken, how we fix it
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