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Took me nine years to become a millionaire in  crypto what I like to do is kind of like educate   people and shortcut their process based on how  many mistakes that I made it can definitely be  

Done in one year if you understand what you’re¬† doing the number one thing that I see people do¬†¬† that are newer to crypto that have been in for¬† less than four years to make mistake mistake¬†¬† after mistake the drains our portfolio is Ben¬† Armstrong is a self-made millionaire in crypto¬†¬†

Author of catching up to crypto and host and  founder of one of the biggest crypto channels   on YouTube today Ben shares his top three tips  and tricks on how you can become a millionaire   in cryptocurrency in one year without further Ado  bit boy crypto great to have you on the channel  

Today my audience knows you cryptocurrency knows¬† you some people though are going to be thinking¬†¬† you know what gives bit boy the authority¬† to talk about becoming a millionaire and I¬†¬† don’t think they know that you started from¬† the bottom and now you’re here so before we¬†¬†

Jump into it could you take us through how you¬† became successful because a lot of people don’t¬†¬† know and feel free to brag a little bit yeah sure¬† uh I I went from zero to a hundred kind of quick¬†¬†

Maybe not real quick but kind of quick uh look uh¬† management Armstrong I have been this is like my¬†¬† biggest Flex right here what I’m about to say this¬† is my second decade in crypto I’m now in my second¬†¬†

Decade of being in the world of crypto and that¬† doesn’t mean that I bought Bitcoin early and I got¬†¬† rich and I’ve been sitting on an island ever since¬† uh it means that uh you know it took me nine years¬†¬†

It took me nine years to become a millionaire  in crypto uh I went through a lot of mistakes   um I I lost all my money twice in the world of  crypto uh once through you know selling in and  

Mount gox and then later on in 2017 by riding to¬† the top and then going all the way back down to¬†¬† the bottom in 2018. so um I’ve kind of done it all¬† uh you know I I now am doing very well financially¬†¬†

And I’m able to kind of like invest technically¬† I think I’m probably an accredited investor¬†¬† um by the archaic and accredited investor laws we¬† have in this country um but like I’m there now but¬†¬†

I also was right where everybody else was you know  just a regular guy I have a family you know got   three kids I was living paycheck to paycheck kind  of stumbled into this whole world and um you know  

In my opinion it’s kind of like doing every step¬† along the way um you know the way that it probably¬†¬† should be done by a regular person what gives¬† me the ability to be able to talk and connect¬†¬†

With people um you know but wherever you’re at¬† on your journey in crypto mm-hmm so you did it¬†¬† in nine years do you think it’s possible to do¬† it in one yeah well I mean the reality is even¬†¬†

Though it took me nine years like it was really¬† the eighth to ninth year you know they’re really¬†¬† um where I made all my money and basically what¬† I like to do is kind of like educate people and¬†¬†

Shortcut their process based on how many mistakes  that I made because if I would have made any   mistakes if I would have made zero mistakes um it  would have taken me uh one year tops to become a  

Millionaire in crypto if I would have taken all my¬† money I was buying Bitcoin to spend on a software¬†¬† for a business I Ran So if instead of doing that¬† if I’d have just bought the Bitcoin and kept it¬†¬†

Then I would have been a millionaire in about¬† a year uh the price went from you know twelve¬†¬† dollars all the way up to uh can’t remember¬† where it peaked out I think I sold mine around¬†¬†

Three hundred dollars uh so that was about a 30  Action where I bought it my first Bitcoin purchase   um was 450 for 37 Bitcoin so about 12 bucks a  piece if I just would have sat on that in the peak  

Of the bull run this last time that alone would  have been worth uh you know three million dollars   so the the point is if you fast forwarded 2017 it  I got in I got full full time in crypto I guess  

Like all in on crypto a little bit too late inside¬† the Run uh in 2017 for the first half of the year¬†¬† I was looking at Bitcoin like I think the price is¬† going up a little bit like maybe this thing isn’t¬†¬†

Over because I thought Mount gox killed Bitcoin¬† you know in 2014 I was like ah this thing’s¬†¬† over you know and I just started thinking man I¬† made so many mistakes I should have got more in¬†¬†

But then in the back half of 2017 when the price¬† started really shooting up I was like I got to¬†¬† jump all in right now if I would have if I would¬† have had the education here’s the important thing¬†¬†

People didn’t understand if I would have had the¬† education and understood what I was investing in¬†¬† I would have been able to be a millionaire like¬† five or six different years alone like just alone¬†¬†

Like I could have said 2016 I could have become a¬† millionaire 2017. you know 2020 2012 2013 you know¬†¬† could have been so easy for me but I made it hard¬† on myself because I didn’t understand and also the¬†¬†

Educational resources weren’t really available¬† back then that they are now I remember in 2013¬†¬† like trying to look up what is bitcoin I was like¬† who is this Japanese guy and why does he have all¬†¬†

These miners on his property like I didn’t even¬† understand it you know so I think for really uh¬†¬† you know it can definitely be done in one year if¬† you understand what you’re doing the problem is¬†¬†

Too many people come in they just start throwing¬† money at ticker symbols because this guy said it’s¬†¬† popular and they don’t really do the research¬† themselves to understand like what what’s the¬†¬† difference in investing in some like [¬†__¬†] uh¬† shib or Sheba and then investing in something like¬†¬†

Ethereum or cardano there’s a drastic difference¬† but people kind of look at them the same when¬†¬† they’re uneducated and I know everybody wants¬† you know quick tips and tricks how to become a¬†¬† millionaire I think one thing everybody should¬† do is follow bit boy follow altcoin daily for¬†¬†

The continued exposure and information because¬† it’s really going to come with uh more complex¬†¬† understanding so make sure you follow bit boy make¬† sure you follow altcoin daily but with that being¬†¬† said Benjamin let’s get practical let’s get doable¬† what what tips and tricks do you have for somebody¬†¬†

Who wants who’s hungry yeah well number one like¬† I said get education like we’ll just that’s just¬†¬† a standard you got to do number two you know¬† it’s very simple yet it defies the logic of¬†¬†

The psychology that goes into a market Buy in the¬† red sell in the green and it’s amazing no matter¬†¬† how many times I hear that myself so we have a¬† weekly portfolio video we do every Friday where¬†¬† we have some sample portfolios a one thousand five¬† thousand ten thousand twenty five thousand dollar¬†¬†

Sample portfolio we have real money in them but¬† they’re really just for our audience to kind of¬†¬† track along and see you know if they want to mimic¬† those strategies they can of course they’re not¬†¬†

Financial advice uh or if they want to take the¬† strategies that we use and kind of just kind of¬†¬† you know build their own strategy around it that’s¬† good but one thing that’s really interesting is¬†¬†

Just maybe about six weeks ago I was in Boston for¬† our our catching up to crypto book tour and I was¬†¬† at crypto lifers house he’s another YouTuber when¬† I’m out of town like sometimes I like to go stream¬†¬†

With some other people and so I went to his house  and I did my portfolio video that Friday from his   house and it was the day that Bitcoin was like  rocketing like stuff was flying up like ICP was  

Killing it optimism was killing it like all these  all coins were just killing it Bitcoin was like   right about 25 000 it was doing great and man it  felt good for the first time since we built these  

Strategies or these uh others back in August¬† they were all in the green and I was like man¬†¬† this is great we are crushing it feels good let’s¬† wait to do something next week and then the next¬†¬†

Week comes around and I said you know when I was¬† feeling good that’s when we should have sold like¬†¬† when I was feeling good about where the portfolio¬† was that’s when I should have said all right let’s¬†¬†

Take profits so two weeks later what happens is¬† same thing a bunch of projects fly up in price and¬†¬† I say you know what even though it feels like this¬† pump is going to continue here we’re going to take¬†¬†

Profits on a lot of our coins like ICP was one  that like I think we were up two or three times   on our money and so like we sold 25 of that out of  our portfolio and we bought filecoin and we bought  

Uh I believe we bought conflux with it conflux is¬† up 100 since we bought it so it’s this constant¬†¬† game of like kind of Lily padding like jumping¬† from this game to this coin that’s in the red¬†¬†

And then when you get back in the gains jumping¬† back and doing it all again I think that’s really¬†¬† really a good strategy for people it’s the only¬† way that you’re going to take a defined amount of¬†¬†

Money and turn it into the maximum amount if¬† you just didn’t hold you’re gonna make money¬†¬† in crypto history you’ve shown that over time if¬† you’re in a crypt over more than four years you’re¬†¬† gonna do well that’s what the stats show not¬† guaranteed to continue in the future but that’s¬†¬†

The history so with all that being said you know¬† you can’t hold or huddle as we say but if you’re¬†¬† selling in the green and you’re buying in the red¬† all the way through the cycle uh that’s when in¬†¬†

My opinion you’re gonna have the optimum chance¬† for a success to become a millionaire it sounds¬†¬† simple but like you said human psychology a lot of¬† people you know Miss Miss that simple thing and it¬†¬†

Is hard to do because obviously it’s hard for us¬† yeah it’s hard for us to do even though we know it¬†¬† you know yeah for sure um something else Ben is¬† or I have a specific thing but is there another¬†¬†

Practical doable oh sure sure um here here’s¬† another good strategy in my opinion the the¬†¬† to really gain money to become a millionaire you¬† really have to you got to have some good picks you¬†¬† got to have probably depends on how much you start¬† with you start with a hundred thousand you should¬†¬†

Be able to get there you start with ten thousand¬† you’re gonna have to have some stuff kind of fall¬†¬† and break your way throughout the run where you’re¬† gonna have to have like a coin like Solana not not¬†¬†

A great way to put money in now I think but you¬† know we were talking about Solana when it was a¬†¬† dollar when all the way up to 250. we’re cardano¬† we were talking about when it was two cents it¬†¬†

Went all the way up to three dollars like those¬† are easy wins that are gonna be able to crush your¬†¬† portfolio but one of one thing people have to keep¬† in mind when you’re trying to become a millionaire¬†¬†

Is not necessarily how are you adding but how are¬† you preventing your losses because that’s really¬†¬† big the number one thing that I see people do that¬† are newer to crypto that have been in for less¬†¬† than four years that make mistake mistake after¬† mistake the drains our portfolio is thinking to¬†¬†

Yourself ah I’m just going to move over to Stables¬† right now right like oh bitcoin’s dropping I’m¬†¬† gonna move over to Stables I’m gonna move over¬† to usdc and then Bitcoin will continue to drop¬†¬†

And then I’ll put the money in down the road well¬† it’s a bear Market strategy that’s a good strategy¬†¬† if you once again sell Bitcoin in the green at¬† the top of a market or or within 20 to 30 percent¬†¬†

Of the top over to stables and you ride it all¬† the way down then you can really enhance your¬†¬† Bitcoin Holdings I’m talking about more on the¬† micro level to where like oh you know this big¬†¬†

Thing happened in in China where they talked about¬† a Bitcoin man uh ban let’s go ahead and sell over¬†¬† to Stables by the time the news hits the market a¬† lot of times and people are starting to get that¬†¬†

Idea of like oh it’s gonna go down a lot like¬† I need to move over to Stables that’s the best¬†¬† way to lose that’s the best way to lose I’ve seen¬† it over I I’ve done this mistake you know several¬†¬†

Several years ago 2017 2018 I made this mistake¬† all the time last Market I really didn’t do this¬†¬† um because I learned this lesson what will happen¬† is is let’s say the price of Bitcoins at forty¬†¬†

Thousand dollars and you see oh there’s this huge¬† bad news coming out about this ETF or about China¬†¬† like let me go ahead and take this Bitcoin and¬† move it over to stables at forty thousand dollars¬†¬†

And you’re hoping the price goes down to 30 or 35¬† and you’re able to buy back in what happens is the¬†¬† news is like a delayed indicator a lot of times¬† it’s already been moving that direction because¬†¬†

Some people some of the big players probably knew¬† that stuff was already baked in and what happens¬†¬† is you end up moving Stables on bitcoin over¬† at forty thousand dollars and the price goes¬†¬† to 50. instead of making money on the price of¬† Bitcoin moving you’ve just lost 20 of your Bitcoin¬†¬†

Holdings with the same amount so I would say like¬† to me those are two principles that like I really¬†¬† think people have got to take in number one is¬† buying the great or buying the red selling the¬†¬† green number two be very careful moving your¬† money over to Stables thinking you’re smarter¬†¬†

Than the rest of the market I like it and if you¬† guys appreciate us having the real conversations¬†¬† smash the like button I’ll say it uh this is what¬† I’m wondering Ben and I don’t know the answer to¬†¬†

This but I’m wondering your take on it does your¬† strategy change in the beginning versus when you¬†¬† get closer to the million Mark like is there¬† a difference in what you’re doing in the very¬†¬† beginning versus when you’re when you’re getting¬† close to a million or is it exactly the same¬†¬†

Uh that’s a great question I I don’t think you¬† look being a millionaire is cool like I can’t¬†¬† front like I’m not gonna Flex on y’all and be¬† like oh man like I wish I was a you know a 70¬†¬†

000 error like no like I like being a millionaire¬† multi-millionaires it’s nice like it feels good¬†¬† it’s years and years of validation and work¬† um or years and years of work validated that¬†¬† got me here and so there’s a lot of cool stuff¬† about it however the difference between having¬†¬†

Nine hundred and fifty thousand dollars and¬† one million and fifty thousand dollars is not¬†¬† that dramatically different right so to me if once¬† you get towards the million dollar Mark if you’re¬†¬† changing your strategy you’re not really doing¬† it right you should always be looking to maximize¬†¬†

Your wins and minimize your losses I think¬† in the world of Bitcoin it’s very interesting¬†¬† um because the way that the Cycles work right¬† like generally what we should be looking at and¬†¬† you know the bear Market is beared it out no¬† pun intended is one year of down action which¬†¬†

Is last year one years of kind of slight upward¬† sideways action which is this year and and then¬†¬† next year about halfway through the year we¬† should finally start seeing things you know¬†¬† go parabolic in 2025 the price of Bitcoin should¬† be really really really high you’re you need to be¬†¬†

Operating against that timeline you don’t need¬† to be operating against where your money is at¬†¬† that moment if you’re sending 200 000 and we’re¬† halfway through 2025 you’re probably not going¬†¬† to get to a million at that point just with the¬† way that the time wise the the Cycles uh work out¬†¬†

You just have to know the the more important part¬† is where you’re putting your money in during the¬†¬† different parts of the cycle like that does change¬† right so right now we’re just getting into Quarter¬†¬†

Two and quarter three um of this year I was told  by some big Venture Capital uh hedge fund guys   the quarter two and quarter three is when you  can look to make your best altcoin investments  

Um this is when you’re looking for like okay we¬† know cardano is going to win we know xrp is going¬†¬† to win as long as they win the case so we know¬† ethereum’s going up tokenomics are phenomenal we¬†¬†

Know Bitcoin is going to go up like we know we¬† generally know those about the top coins right¬†¬† so I’ve been really encouraging people over¬† the last year to really be stacking up those¬†¬† top coins build build now it’s time to start¬† looking a little further down coin market cap¬†¬†

And looking at some of the niches that will¬† have some big Winners so Layer Two right we¬†¬† know arbitrum we know optimism we know¬† polygon they’re going to do really well¬†¬† um you know you look at some of the AI Niche you¬† look at Singularity agix you look at uh some of¬†¬†

These other coins that uh you know fetch dot AI¬† maybe GRT there’s some really good ones over there¬†¬† as well and so you start looking a little bit¬† further down in those niches and maybe find some¬†¬†

Coins that you haven’t necessarily heard of that¬† you can do research on and find some other winners¬†¬† in those niches this is the time to start doing¬† that quarter two and quarter three of this year¬†¬†

Um so I think it’s really your strategy should¬† change based on where you’re at in the cycle not¬†¬† based on how much money you have you know like I¬† I think I had a million dollars in my portfolio¬†¬†

For the first time on New Year’s Eve of 2020.¬† so it was it was really cool like I saw plenty¬†¬† of the Run left too you know we had almost all of¬† 2021 to really get up there and it happened quick¬†¬†

Like it went it was only about three months that  I turned you know I was probably sitting around I   bought a house and I think I was probably around  150 000 in crypto at that time and within three  

Months at 150 turned into uh turned into¬† a million so you just got to understand¬†¬† where you’re at in the cycle and you have to¬† understand when to take profits in the cycle¬†¬† when to accumulate in the cycle and then what kind¬† of coins to accumulate based on where you’re at¬†¬†

I appreciate you coming on I think this has been¬† great I know the audience wants more and we’ll¬†¬† give them more but at a future date so make sure¬† you subscribe my final thing I guess Ben is just¬†¬†

You know final thoughts last piece of advice¬† is there one more thing or just general final¬†¬† thoughts what’s going on with you for the altcoin¬† daily audience yeah I mean the world of crypto is¬†¬† crazy there’s a lot of interesting stuff that¬† happens uh on a daily basis and um right now¬†¬†

The thing that we’re all looking at is these¬† Bank runs and the insolvency of Banks and and I¬†¬† think that really when you’re looking at trying to¬† become a millionaire like that’s great right like¬†¬† everybody kind of in their heart like wants to¬† be at a place where you’re doing well financially¬†¬†

Um you know unless you’re you know somebody that¬† just wants to not have any money which there’s¬†¬† some certain people out there like that but when¬† it comes to the banks and the insolvencies this is¬†¬†

Where you really start to see that crypto is about¬† more than just making the money you know it really¬†¬† is about protecting yourself and protecting your¬† family for the future and when you realize like oh¬†¬† yeah all banks are insolvent and that’s actually¬† their business plan you can learn how to start¬†¬†

Opting out of this system one thing I’ve gone¬† through a signature bank was my bank actually¬†¬† uh they’re one of the only banks that would make¬† me um because of uh you know different dealings¬†¬†

With crypto uh you know coinbase wire and in 2020¬† to buy a house is actually what uh BB T used to¬†¬† close my bank accounts and so I’ve been looking¬† for a way to kind of opt out of the banking system¬†¬†

And I think with the last a couple of weeks have¬† shown is that crypto is great you can make money¬†¬† with crypto but it’s about more than that and¬† it’s about can you actually make the move and¬†¬†

Opt yourself out of an archaic broken system and¬† that’s when I’m on the on the uh you know the¬†¬† course to do right now so I’m not getting a new¬† bank account I I’m you know when signature close¬†¬†

My account it’s done and I’m gonna be learning how¬† to live crypto only so really suggest everybody¬†¬† else like if that’s not your plan that’s fine¬† but really I encourage everybody when it comes¬†¬† to education not don’t just get educated about¬† crypto and how to make money get educated on¬†¬†

What this whole thing really stands for and uh  why so many of us so passionately believe in it

How to Become A Millionaire in One Year | Crypto Edition

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