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How to Buy and Stake OHM Olympus Dao | OHM Staking Strategy and Results | Passive Income from Crypto

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I started staking OHM only recently and already can share my results. I also show how to buy OHM and start staking it on Olympus Dao for passive income as the process is not quite straight forward.

Even though Skaing OHM may sound like a great crypto passive income idea, it’s important to understand that APY may change (and will change) during the year, and most importantly, you are guaranteed to get extra OHM, but there is no guarantee as to what the price of one OHM will be when you decide to unstake. So you still run a high risk of losing money.

My strategy with OHM and Olympus Dao is to invest not more than 3% of my total Crypto Portfolio and keep my OHM staked for a long time.

I used Sushi Swap to swap my Ethereum for Ohm. You can use any other platform. You can find the full list here:

I used MetaMask digital Wallet to buy Ohm. I also used Binance to buy my Ethereum.

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Introduction
01:27 How to navigate around the video
02:43 Step 1 – Buying Ethereum
05:23 Step 2 – Install a Digital Wallet (MetaMask)
07:02 Step 3 – Send Eth to the Wallet
07:47 Step 4 – Swap Eth for OHM on SushiSwap
10:12 Step 5 – Add OHM to the Digital Wallet
11:14 Step 6 – Start Staking OHM on Olympus Dao
12:58 Gas Fees to Stake OHM
13:23 First Results from Staking OHM and Strategy for Staking

None of the information I give in my videos is a financial advice and it has to used in entertainment purposes only.

Thank you!


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  1. Can someone tell me how much is needed (an estimate in USD) for the OHM and gas fees, final doing all the movements until reaching the staking, a minimum to take into account? Thank you

  2. I'm so sorry for the gas fees, I feel you! They are outrageously high lately… not by chance I'm mostly using BSC.

  3. Those fees are a killer, I hope they will be reduced soon so small investors can be benefited

  4. Thanks Anastasiia for explaining the process so well, I find all this digital wallet process such a performance, it really is, it must be my age…lol
    Is it not possible to keep the coin on the Exchange?
    I know people said it's safer to keep your cryptos in those Metamask wallet but I've never used anything like that as I always leave my Coins/tokens on the Exchanges.
    Great video 👍

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