How to Buy MonkeyBall Token (MBS) from Your IDO Allocation

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The MonkeyBall IDO on StarLaunch has been very confusing for a lot of people. Mostly because the user interface is a bit confusing for some audiences. So I have decided to create yet another video to showcase how I have purchased my MonkeyBucks (MBS) tokens this morning on the StarLaunch platform.

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  1. One of the best explanions on youtube without promoting some other project:) Keep up to good work.

  2. How come my allocation is Zero when I got Hydrazine in my Starlaunch. How do I put it in Alocation ?

  3. This coins might go 10x in next 2 months – UFO UOS PYR SUPER RFOX ALU KYL DERC RMRK WILD SCAR ROSE STARS SFUND THG REALM PBR POLC MBS check them out!!!

  4. Are we only given 24 hrs to buy our allocated USDC? I have my allocated amount on my Cadetship dashboard yet can't see the "Buy allocation" search bar.So the whitelist sale is over now? Can i still buy my Monkeyball with my allocation?

  5. Many of us weren't able to purchase any MBS and still have Hydazine and locked StarLaunch Tokens. What would you recommend we do at this stage? Thanks in advance.

  6. Thank you, very helpful! How could we participate in the FCFS today? On the same page or can we swap it on raydium? Thanks!

  7. Hi CryptoSmart.
    Just found your channel and i'm a fan!
    I have questions about the hydrazene token that one burns in order to participate in the IDO's. Do you know more about it? What are they worth themselves? Can you trade in them? Is it a stable coins, or does the prise fluctuate?

  8. Thank you a ton for these video. Didn't participate in first round because I thought I would get almost nothing allocated, and now your video really surprised me as now thanks to you, hopefully I will get my 40$ allocation on Fcfs basis. In the end if I get it or don't glad I found your Channel. As the saying goes " it ain't over until the fat lady sings"

  9. hi, I´ve done exactly as you but no monkeyball tokens on my phantom wallet, 12 hours ago,and dont know what to do, I m asking for support to monkeyball (they have answered my questions but still dont get to solve it, though they are really kind)
    so, the question is: I sould see my tokens on my wallet already, right? any help? tks all

  10. Hii, where can I buy the MBS if I wasn’t approved on KYC and haven’t participated in IDO

  11. Wow can’t get kyc cuz of location and now can’t even get the scraps left on the table (fcfs) terrible launch, pulling stars out early and getting away from this terrible platform.

  12. i got scammed… so disapointed…burned for days, staked.. 0 allocation nothing on my cadet page. Monkey scammed

  13. This is ridiculous. IDO takes your STARS tokens, takes your Hydrazine and now says your KYC wasn't successful. How can they not tell you immediately that the KYC wasn't successful.

  14. hi there , why i cant see my buy allocation ? could you please advise ? appreciate your help !!

  15. What happened to me was, KYC didn't accept my proof of address, yet didn't allow me to change the bill I provided. Kept going to the cadet dashboard as if everything was ok! Their website sucks! I got no help at all from the staff!

  16. This is my first participation in an IDO public launch using Raydium. Not sure what to expect or the actually steps to take to purchase or swap for $MBS tokens. My main question is… Do I just type in MBS in the Raydiums swap panel when it goes live at 8am PT and they will show up?

  17. Im not showing anything in my allocation on the Start Launch dashboard. Wondering if anyone knows why or if there is another step?

  18. In the last 2 days I burned 7 hydrazine on the back of you recommendations and supporting monkey ball- 0 allocation. – hours of time spent and hundred of euros thrown in the bin! I would of preferred to give my euros to the homeless man at the top of street than into abyss &monkeyball silence. Heartbraking – and awful from both Monkeyball and Starlaunch

  19. When can i buy monkey bucks? When does it go public? Also can i buy through trust wallet? I need to get ready for tomm.

  20. Why would they let people with no KYC stake and burn hrydazines in the first place? that's a system flaw and big red flag.

  21. Thank you so much but I am wondering why is my allocation zero. I did my KYC. STAKED my Stars and burned Hydrazines. How can figure out why this happened?

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