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How To Earn ₹1 Crore In One Month | Millionaire बनने का Formula | Business Coach | CoachBSR

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1. Only one thing you have to do. …
2. Start SELLING.
3. People can have the best of the products but if you can’t sell those then no point. …
4. Any billionaire or for that matter a person making 1 Crore a month must be selling something.
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How to Become a High Ticket Closing Expert:-
Day 1. https://youtu.be/dnvzeK4XN74
Day 2. https://youtu.be/GPqQYBoXmPw
Day 3. https://youtu.be/Q5q5AeIMsoQ
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Bhupenddra Singh Raathore (Also Known As Coach BSR) is an entrepreneur, Amazon bestselling author, philanthropist, and life & business strategist. Bhupenddra Singh Raathore is a towering name in the field of training, known for creating miraculous breakthroughs in the lives of people and businesses simultaneously. For more than a decade, millions of people have enjoyed the warmth, humor, and transformational power of Coach BSR’s business and personal development events.
Coach BSR is the author of two Amazon bestsellers, including the recent groundbreaking book on 15 Days Public Speaking. CoachBSR has transformed more than 50 lac lives around the world through his live seminars, educational videos, and Online Training.
He leads by example – BSR is the driving force and mastermind behind, “The Magic Of Thinking Rich” workshop. This is the World’s Biggest only free live workshop conducted for an entire month every quarter to transform people’s mindsets and sow the seeds of success psychology because when the people change, the nation changes.
CoachBSR started this workshop as a social initiative in the month of November 2020 with the sole purpose to help his fellow countrymen fight the adverse mental effects of the corona pandemic. He is also the aggregator and interviewer of the Think Rich Show, where he invites some of the top business leaders, social activists, and Bollywood celebrities to share their inspirational life stories.
BSR is a leader called upon by the leaders. He has worked with top corporate houses and is a frequent advisor on topics like business growth decisions; workforce optimization, sales enhancement, etc. Names of the clients include Mercedes Benz, Coca-Cola, Tata, Vodafone, Mahindra, LIC, JCB, Federal Bank, and Johnson & Johnson to name a few.

Awards & Achievements
1) He has been awarded “Public Speaker Of The Year 2021” in the India Mentors and Business Coaching Summit organized by Franchise India
2) He has been awarded “The Education Excellence Awards 2021” by Dainik Bhaskar
3) He is a Guinness World Record Title Holder for Most Viewers of a Leadership Lesson Live Stream on YouTube
4) He is a Guinness World Record Title Holder for Most Viewers of a Time Management Lesson Live Stream on YouTube
5) He has been awarded “The Most Viewed YouTube Live Program on Law of Attraction – The Magic of Thinking Rich” by the World Records Forum.
6) He has been conferred with a “Certificate of Appreciation” by Films Today Magazine for his outstanding contribution and humanitarian work and support to others during covid 19
7) He has been a keynote speaker at the UN Headquarters in New York
8) He has been conferred with the “Business Mentor of The Year” 2018 by Entrepreneur India Magazine
9) He has been honored with the “Asia’s Greatest Emerging Leader” Award 2017 for his extraordinary contribution to thousands of Businesses in the country.
10) He has been awarded a “Certificate Of Commitment” by the World Book of Records, London for conducting the Magic of Thinking Rich Season 3 continuously for 28 days.
11) He has been a TEDx and Josh Talks Speaker.

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  4. हाँ मे अगले 3 साल के अंदर 1 करोड़ कमाऊंगा

  5. Sir aap month ka only 1cr. Earning ka bol rhe mai to 2cr. Per day kamane ki planing kar rha hun.

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