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How to get 3D models as an NFT on Opensea

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In this video, I will show you how you can upload 3D models to IPFS and have them displayed on Opensea. I had a lot of fun creating this video and I hope you have just as much fun following along.

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  1. Hi Daniel, where should I update the metadata link with the 3d information if I am using the hashlips nft contract?

  2. Mr.Daniel please make a clear tutorial for making non-layer art nft's smart contract and whole process from storage to smart contract to protecting or freezing data and listing them on opensea or your own website etc.,all in one video. or send me your WhatsApp no.on twitter I am sending you a tweet under(my name is Daniel) so that I can contact you there for help,i have watched your videos,all are good for people who know coding and all are for art with layers,i need video for art which is just a photo and has no layers in it,i am totally new to this field,i request you to please keep your cam close to screen so that newbies like me can read what is written and how its written..thankyou please.

  3. Thank you, Daniel. I didn' know I can use the mouse to move the 3D Model in OpenSea like that. That gave me a very good inspiration.

  4. Daniel, I was scammer by someone who impersonated you. I reported, I will put him in jail and I will move on. I created a 3D model and I wanted to list in OpenSea ETH Blockchain, like what you showed in this video.

  5. Thank you DD for your perfect and awesome strategy on your YouTube videos it helped me alot alongside Mrs Evelyn Laverne Burrow.
    With these two, my crypto journey has been bright and excellent!

  6. Hi Daniel,
    Thanks for the video I have a request I saw a collection on opensea when we move mouse the character will move eyes, please make a video about that 🙏

  7. Hey Daniel! thank you for all your tutorials 🙂 Love your videos. Wondering if we can add traits to 3D model like this? and what kind of rendering engine are rendering the model? can that be done through Sketchfab which gives more control on materials? Thanks Daniel

  8. Hi Daniel! if you export the animation… would the 3D render replay the animation in OS?

  9. Dude I can't do 3d but want to learn. I can do other NFT's, but if you are making these 3d with any app, please tell me, it would be very useful!🤝

  10. The tutorials you provide are always appreciated! If you provide Blender tutorials from beginner to advanced, I'm sure many more would love that including myself 😊

  11. You are very well versed at so many things. Love your videos , looking forward to joining you in your project. We need more people like you in this space

  12. the main idea, would be to show how to create the character with blender at least for a simple one

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