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Polygon – MATIC Token

How to Make an Erc20 Token on Polygon (Matic) Network

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Creating a cryptocurrency coin is much easier than you might think. Despite some code being involved, it is very simple and even if you have never coded in your life, you will be able to deploy your own token by following the instructions in my video. Watch the video and in no time, you will create your own Erc20 token.

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I will walk you through everything you need to make an Erc20 token on the Polygon network. Polygon is great because it uses layer 2 technology and all gas fees are under 5 cents. This means that deploying your token on the Polygon (previously known as Matic) blockchain will cost you only a few cents. If you were to deploy your coin on the Ethereum blockchain, it could be a bit pricey as gas fees can be quite high.

CONTRACT CODE (you will have to modify a bit but I walk you through it in the video)
pragma solidity ^0.6.2;

import “https://github.com/OpenZeppelin/openzeppelin-contracts/blob/v3.1.0/contracts/token/ERC20/ERC20.sol”;

contract NameOfContract is ERC20 {

constructor () public ERC20(“TokenName”, “TokenSymbol”) {
_mint(msg.sender, 1000000 * (10 ** uint256(decimals())));


LINKS – All the links mentioned in the video are below
🦊 MetaMask Download: https://metamask.io/download/
💻 Remix IDE: https://remix.ethereum.org/
🚰 Polygon Faucet: https://faucet.polygon.technology/
🗂️ Polygon Block Explorer (Polygon Scan): https://polygonscan.com/
🗂️ Polygon Mumbai Testnet Explorer: https://mumbai.polygonscan.com/

0:00 Intro
0:17 Getting MetaMask
1:16 Adding Polygon Mumbai Testnet to MetaMask
2:18 Getting Gas Tokens (MATIC) for Free on Testnet
3:51 Creating Contract in Remix
4:45 Pasting and Modifying Code
7:08 Compiling Code
7:53 Deploying the Token (on Testnet)
9:06 Viewing Token (on Testnet Block Explorer)
10:52 Importing Testnet Token in MetaMask
11:38 Adding Polygon Mainnet to MetaMask
12:39 Deploying Token on Polygon Mainnet
14:30 Viewing Token on Polygon Block Explorer
15:21 Importing Token in MetaMask
16:18 Testing Token (Sending it to Another Wallet)
17:59 Summary

Congrats on making it this far down the description! (ignore whats beneath, it’s for search engine)
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