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How to make Flash Loan Attacks on Uniswap in 2022 ! Easy tutorial

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In this video I will show you how to make a flash loan attack on Uniswap. For this we deploy a smart contract bot in simple steps to the Ethereum Mainnet using remix and then run it to perform the attack.

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You can find me here:
👉Telegram: https://t.me/CarlCryptoCodes
👉Discord: CryptoCarl#8541

1. Get MetaMask:

2. Access Remix:

3. Move to the “Deploy” tab, select “Injected Web3” for environment to connect your Metamask.

4. Go back to “File explorer”. Then create a “New File”. Rename it as you like, for example: “FlashLoanBot.sol”

5. Copy and Paste SmartContract into Remix:

6. Move to the “Solidity Compiler” tab, select version “0.5.0” and then “Compile” it

7. Move to the “Deploy” tab again, select a Tokenname, Tokensymbol and Loan amount of 1000 (thats my recommendation) and then “Deploy” it. After the transaction is confirmed, it’s your own BOT now

8. Deposit funds to your exact bot contract address

9. After your transaction was confirmed, start the bot by clicking the “action” button. Now wait for the flash loan attack confirmation. Afterwards your bot automatically withdraws the remaining funds and profits back to the connected Metamask wallet



  1. Great info! Prefer this over the Binance version. The results are just better

  2. That method is insane!
    You can hear everywhere in the CT space that it's like 95% of the people paying those 5%s bills.. and i always wondered.. HOW?
    HOW are these 5% able to find the perfect NFT or coin.. its simple… they are not!

    Since I started trading crypto.. there is a small 2x here.. a 1.4x there… but to be honest.. most of the times you get rugged or the project just gets not reworked..

    So after understanding.. its not about getting the right pick.. but doing the right things, i had a really fast recovery of my portfolio using your flash loan tutorials etc.
    HUGE thank you opening my eyes!

    Im sending in like 1 BNB in the old version.. gettin back 1.6-1.8 at a time..
    Have tryed your ETH version with 0.8 first directly after the video launched and got 1.372 back today LFG! Money printer

    I can't understand why not everyone is using these kinda bots? Told all my friends.

  3. Finally someone who is willing to teach us instead of pushing some bs course on us. Appreciate it

  4. Thx dude I'm impressed right now.

    I started the bot with 1.6 eth and got around 1.8 eth after my first try, but lets see how it goes in the long run

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