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How to Make Your Head Stop Hurting | ft. @Leo and Longevity

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Debilitating Migraines and how to get rid of them with Leo Longevity and Tony Huge

In this video, we’re chatting with Leo about how he deals with migraines and how he’s been able to extend his life by hacking his health.

If you’re suffering from migraines, this video is for you!
Leo shares with us his tips for managing migraines and even how to prevent them.

Hear how to make your migraines less severe and learn about the benefits of biohacking for migraine prevention.

Don’t miss this informative and helpful video with Leo and Longevity!

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  1. Is there any disease leo not suffer.🤣🤣 .. become his '"client"
    O Jesus Christ close your eyes

  2. I used to have almost daily severe migraines for over 20 years and the only thing that worked was injectable triptanes.

    Then I went on a test cycle during which I had no migraines. After that cycle I went on self prescribed trt and I haven't had a single migraine attack now for over a year.

  3. Get an MRI to make sure it's nothing serious. I had terrible migraines which turned out to be intracranial hypertension.

  4. Yes could be neuro due to lack of sleep etc; and I do get bubbling sounds around the neck region for blood supply.

  5. Honestly I have found some salt usually helps acutely. Keeping in mind I don't have chronic migraines.

  6. hello just a brief message for Leo.

    Bro i have a lot appreciation for you but…

    Please stop talking about Tony's choice with women on any media. It is disrespectful to them and specially to Tony. Its very cringy

  7. Also check ear ringing remember I gave you that cream you put around the ear nerves to reduce inflammation

  8. Do you review the research often? Because for example, recent video about Selenium claiming that it highly reduces cancer risk contradicts with more recently done research. As far as Aspirin goes, it also seems to increase the severity of cancer for older people without reducing the incidence. So references to research which is not outdated would be useful, people please research this yourselves before starting to take something as well.

  9. I have suffered from chronic Migraines since I was around 11 I'm 39 now. Acute I use Excedrine it has Acetaminophen, Aspirin and Caffeine all in one works amazing. Currently I'm on once a month Ajovy Injection it has changed my life but always looking for more natural remedies.

  10. Gabapentin can help. Muscle relaxers can help acutely cyclobenzaprine, methocarbamol, tizanidine for example.

  11. I've always wanted to know your opinion on this guys: The mom of a person I know died because she took aspirin daily. The story goes that the woman took the aspirin because she wanted to prevente a heart attack, since the dissease was very common in her family. One day she got sick from her appendix, and at the hospital the doctors had to do emergency procedure to surgically remove it, but her blood was so thin because of the aspirin -supposedly-, that it would be imposible for her not to bleed out and die while she was been intervined and ended up getting a heart attack anyways. So what do you guys make of this? Could she have been taking very large doses of it? Was it a case of medical negligence? Or what? I ask because if aspirin is so good at preventing cancer I would want to take it too, but this story has me a little conflicted.

  12. I'm suffering from benign fasciculation syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome. I'd love some advice on things I could try.

  13. Please talk about some natural muscle building compounds. Say a natural that wants to hit their maximum genetic potential and they are under 30 with good testosterone. Thanks.

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