How to Move ERC20 OMI tokens to Trust Wallet or Cold Storage After Migration

YouTube video

A quick video I put together to help people out. It tells you how to take your new OMI from an exchange (Bitforex in this case) and move it back to Trust Wallet or your cold storage wallet after the swap, which has completed on Bitforex and is taking place on other exchanges.

Contract details:

Address: 0xeD35af169aF46a02eE13b9d79Eb57d6D68C1749e
Symbol: OMI
Decimals: 18

Original Article with these details:

My cold storage wallet:

Please follow ECOMI/VeVe content creators and help push OMI out to the wider world. I’m not a content creator, this is just a one off to help out others who may be unsure.


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