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How to Participate in the Bastion Lockdrop on Aurora

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Bastion App: https://app.bastionprotocol.com/
Lockdrop FAQ: https://bastionprotocol.medium.com/bastion-lockdrop-faq-d230b95dea34
Lockdrop One-pager: https://twitter.com/sanket_naikwadi/status/1506324768852566017/photo/1

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Rainbow bridge: https://rainbowbridge.app/transfer
Synapse: https://synapseprotocol.com/?inputCurrency=USDC&outputCurrency=USDC&outputChain=1
Allbridge: https://allbridge.io/

Aurora Faucet: https://aurora.dev/faucet
Faucet Eligibility: https://twitter.com/auroraisnear/status/1491404057444904961

Bridge inflows: https://app.uniwhales.io/near/bridge-tracker

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0:00 Intro
0:20 What is Bastion?
0:50 Grants & Investments
1:38 How the Lockdrop Works
3:23 What I’m doing
4:12 Locking c-assets
5:55 Bridges to Aurora
6:11 ETH is Gas
7:57 TVL Inflows

The goal of this channel is to think about crypto in a different way. Contrary to popular belief, crypto doesn’t have to be, “Buy and hope it goes up.” Through DeFi, there are so many ways to earn high & safe yields on your assets, which is a total game changer in terms of portfolio construction.

Yield farming is not a “get rich quick scheme,” but rather a “slow grind to more wealth” strategy. And I argue that USING DeFi is the best way to LEARN DeFi, which will present natural alpha for you in the future. I am not an ecosystem maxi, but a yield maxi. If an ecosystem presents a good risk-adjusted yield, I will be there. Subscribe to follow my journey!

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  1. Damn they paid you late for you to release a video at the end of the lockdrop 😆

  2. Are you using Polaris? If so, i wonder when you will make a video about it. There is no project with remotely comparable APR's on Aurora chain.

  3. Astro port lock drop was a good investment, if the price of Astro will not fall down the next week and half, I´m happy with those gains. If the Bastion team has the same clear vision, I´m gonna do that. Taiki please, one more video about this protocol, Let´s stay ubdated.

  4. Thanks man, what did you do with your Trisolaris position in the end? My positions been slowly bleeding away 😩

  5. if I'm calculating wright? if TVL will be 100mln$ then for locking for one month 1000$ they will pay 20$ in Near and ~1$ i BSTN? if this is correct incentive is really not juicy:)

  6. Thanks Taiki. So is your strategy to just lock for 1 month since you get the full amount of NEAR? I think you implied this, but didn't say specifically so I just wanted to confirm.

  7. probably gonna be less than 2% in near for 1 month (right now it's 78 million tvl and it'd guess it's gonna be 100 million +). Don't think it's worth it

  8. Yo. Love your videos.
    Please get a better microphone. Your voice isn't loud enough. Thanks.

  9. Thanks for the video and information. Could you please make a video to update us about what are you doing with trisolaris? Still farming? What are your thoughts now?

  10. careful with bridging to and from aurora, buddy of mine lost his bridged funds. the problem was acknowledged by the lead dev and they claimed to return the funds, 40 days later and still nothing, he is now getting ignored by said dev.

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