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  1. Upcoming changes to market parameters

    After 14 February 2022 00:00 UTC, we will be reducing the collateral factor of the TONIC market from 55% to 20%, by 5% every day progressively. This may result in some accounts with active loans against TONIC collateral being liquidated. Please repay or top-up collateral so that your Account LTV is well below your Account Liquidation LTV before 14 February 2022.

  2. Thank you bro! I was just looking through this platform. Now I know what to do. You da man!

  3. To repay my loan , can I also just deposit the whole loan amount in USDC , pay the loan back with one move , and then withdraw my collateral as a whole . This would save me much gas fees.
    Is my thought right ?

  4. Fantastic video man. Thank you for this one and the first video explaining this

  5. I don’t understand how this works really, like all the loan stuff and why you have to do so many separate things again and again. What kind of returns are we expected to see after all the fees, with, say an initial investment of $100?

  6. Your videos are so valuable. Thank you. Two questions…1) as you predicted, the APY to supply DAI has dropped below the APY for borrowing USDC. It's not a huge difference, but, in your experience, is it worth leaving it alone to see if corrects (to avoid rushing into gas fees), or just pay back the borrowed USDC? 2) The idea of borrowing an asset and withdrawing it is appealing — but when I am looking at my borrowed assets, there doesn't seem to be an option to withdraw. Am I missing it? Thank you, sir.

  7. Great video and much needed info. Appreciate the quick response, keep up the good content.

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