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How To Solve Opera Celo Giveaway Issues And Also Withdraw Your Earnings

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Welcome to this video and in this video I’ll show you today I’ll be showing you how you can fix Opera cello issues okay and I can withdraw your enemies on this app okay so I made a video earlier on how you can fix Opera Sello issues okay but some people actually

Like you work for them so she had further questions okay and also some people ask me how they can read what are earnings and stuff okay so in this video I’ll be showing you all of that okay so if I get started I like if I appreciate

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Video with friends family lovers and even enemies and you can contact me via the description in this video so guys let’s get started on this video okay so guys actually operations so in addition of this video I’ll be actually posting the new link okay your personal New Link

Okay because the link was changed so here is a new link for Nigerians okay in my telegram group I posted the link for Kenya’s South Africans with Brazilians I think so for um Nigerians this is the link over here so let me check my network connection okay it surely goes off sometimes

So let me proceed so right now as you can see the the winners are full okay I just want to just like make this okay I can’t put I’ll just stay like explain things to you guys so first and foremost after like once you just download Opera Mini like

First and activate the wallet after typing this like open a wireless okay input your password save your keys then you’re good to go then come back here and tap on this so once you come back here you are supposed to put input your phone number they are supposed to input your phone

Number then after I’m putting your phone number then you need to tap on proceed then you need to fill in the capture yes they’ll send you a code which you need to like verify your phone number but if it’s telling you invalid phone number

What you need to do is to head over to head over here tap on the on the data savings disable data savings okay if you are having um invalid um invalid phone number then come back then paste this so once you have pasted it then now you’ll be brought to the page or

Anything put your phone number on the rest so what you need to do now once you see that like plus two three four then you put your phone number then don’t tap on the send verification or like proceed but to wait first what you need to do is

To like go to your MTN like let me just say call Star 180 has this is the method I use that works for me let me sister one it has mtn.com um going successfully once they call like is on then tap on this send verification or whatever proceed button

Okay then this thing like they seem like like you will hook because there’s actually as you have called the network will go off that’s the normal thing once so come back and quit the call then leave this to process okay you see the capture where you need to type in your

Captcha to verify your account okay so now tap on the captcha and the code will be sent input the code and everything will go fine that’s the method I used okay that’s how I actually did mine I can’t actually show you this okay because the this thing is not available

Now and this is like the most convenient I have to make this video okay so also you can join my WhatsApp and telegram I made um a description a guide okay a test guide on that okay which you can use with an image you can guide you further

Okay just like it’s something like not that once you have a year just input your phone number don’t tap on set verification code once the call is on tap on the send verification code then once like this this thing is like loading it to like like his hook because there’s no network

Then come back once you come back now just once you’re off they call come back and this thing will load it up in the capture fill in the code sent to you and this will process so that’s it for that then if you want to now withdraw your

Earnings like this is what you need the wallet that is best for this okay because one thing we sell that people don’t know they have cello cello USD USD cello and others I think cell will be something like that so the one that they’re giving you on this Opera Mini is

Sello USD so like on binary they have Opera cello but if you use Opera cell on binance to withdraw you won’t get your withdrawal Davido is gone because you sell to withdraw it’s not the same cello and cello USD are different all this crypto that little the first means all

That so the one that is best to withdraw your earnings like to get it is trust to alert okay so here’s the wallet on Play Store Trust wireless for those that don’t adult okay so install the wallet then those ask you to send you your key phrase your strategy key for just like

Opera Wallace save that to key save that somewhere or write it down there save it then you bought your dashboard okay so that is my trust wallets now so here’s how you actually okay so head over to this search button type in cello cello yes cello yes hello USD this is this

Hello don’t send to this address this is the wrong one set select this cello USD okay this is the one you’re supposed to send to then tap on the receive button copy it okay now this is the wallet that now once I’ve copied it head back to your Opera Mini wallets

Okay Opera Mini wallet to your Opera Mini cello okay so you see a seller US dollar below tap on the seller us this is not if you tap on here you won’t be able to withdraw coffee that’s on step on send you see the slow US dollar which

I have incredited I’m going to slowly you’re gonna tap on the same button then input the recipients the wallet address then enter the amount just like 1.99 or two US dollar then tap on the confirm button okay so why I said 1.99 there might be little gas fees but try to use

The line of the 1.902 then tap on the confirm button okay so now this will be sent to your Opera wallet okay so this will be sent to your wallet so currently it is up okay people do withdraw that but if you want to like maybe contact me

You want to sell it I might be buying it okay and I’ll be buying it and I let me just say like six or six hundred naira or whatever they just contact me for the rated depends I’ll be buying it’s okay if you’re interested okay you just send

To me then I actually then I give you cash so that’s it so I started to Enlighten you guys on this so in case like I didn’t touch that on some topics on this like feel free to contact me okay in the meantime I’m

Trying to like check me if I miss any of that and also guys and reminder I don’t clone this up the Clone clones don’t work if you finish with this step just go ahead sign us from your wallet as easy as that sign out from your wallet once you sign

Out from your wallet you continue this procedures again okay continue another registration you paste the link with the wallet you follow the same steps okay maybe you can use different passwords for different Wireless okay anyhow you like want to do it just keep doing this okay you are

Accumulating once you finish your sign out finish your sign out so guys like this is it this is how people are actually doing this and they are accommodating bonus on this Opera solo If you experience any error on the person you’re trying to achieve these steps you to contacts me so guys thanks

For watching don’t forget to like this video leave a comment in the comment section share and also comment and also subscribe to this channel okay another notification Bell so guys have a nice day God bless you all thank you Thank you

In this video I am going to be sharing with you how you can solve Opera Celo giveaway issues and also withdraw your earnings.

🎯 If you follow the guide in this video you’re gonna be able to solve Opera Celo giveaway issues and also withdraw your earnings via some easy steps.

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