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  1. Always great content Lou, I'm with trust wallet & trying to stake from Android phone, have followed all steps my wallet connects but the balance doesn't appear, does anyone else have this issue?

  2. Hi, I want to stake some Dome but it looks like Metamask is off on Everdome site. Do you know how to solve this issue?

  3. Can you do a video of the Everdome leaderboard? How it works and when rewards will be rewarded?

  4. Question: My Dome tokens are still vested cause I participated in the hero presale. Can i still stake it? I haven't claimed my tokens from the website though. I was thinking it is safer to just keep it there until the 52 weeks is up. isn't it?

  5. So I assume Rob punked out again on the announcement? I haven't heard anything about it anywhere.

  6. yoo man , how you doing .. got a question on everdome Twitter account … I am totally noob with Twitter, actually hate it but for the sake of following the updates I got installed it. now I am following everdome and I complained there about the apy .. and I got a reply of everdome staking support … and it says .. I have to give them my bep20 address and they will fix the apy .. they gonna check it .. now I am quite suspicious so I don't trust this, but she or he have posted lots of time 133 on everdome and writes everybody who has problemswith staking and apy .. she says if you send your address they can check it .. but how can you tell if they really are support and or it is a scammer? she ask to private messagr … and if it is a scam why is everdome not reacting ??

  7. I dont understand the first part of the video. I dont have metamask ikon at top. Nor how to ensure I am on binance smart chain.
    What i can say is that I dont get a confirm screen, and when I am redirected to metamask there is no instruction what to do but they took BNB three times

  8. People i read all posts….THIS IS NOT APY …THIS IS APR STAKING FOR EVERDOME….we have a big DIFERENCES BETWEEN!

  9. I am quite dissapointed he is not keeping his word or has intentionally misleaded with his APY percentage..he wanted early stakers to reward very well ..like 1000% APY but now it is 90% APY..I find this very misleading..I am a quite optimistic person and had very trust in him, and staked everything..and now I cannot get it out and have a full year probably getting an APY of less then 50%..if I knew this before hand I wouldn't stake all, but then again..information was so unclear I think it was done deliberately otherwise not that many people would stake and therefore the price has not risen significantly… I hope he is going to correct this and give us the promised APY at least 1000% .

  10. SUBSCRIBED – Great tutorial with out all the waffling that some Youtubers tend to do.. thank you

  11. New subscriber. Appreciate the info. Made it easier to stake. So I staked through the DOME staking (top right of the page). But there is a "stake" button for the Pool name DOME. Is that essentially the same thing?

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