How to Use Trust Wallet App (2021): Beginners Guide to Binance Official Wallet

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In this tutorial, I explain how to use Trust Wallet App, the official Binance crypto wallet. I take you through an overview of the Trust wallet. Before demonstrating a full tutorial; how to create a new wallet, set up security, send and receive crypto, buy with a credit or debit card, stake, swap, store your collectibles or NFTs, and how to connect to Dapps using wallet connect.

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00:38 What is Trust Wallet
02:27 How to Use Trust Wallet App
02:47 Recovery Phrase
03:11 How to Set up Security/ 2FA 
04:41 How to Send Crypto to Trust Wallet
05:09 How to Receive Crypto to Trust Wallet 
06:16 How to Buy Crypto with Trust Wallet
07:20 How to Sell Crypto on Trust Wallet
07:33 How to Stake with Trust Wallet
09:03 How to Unstake with Trust Wallet
09:22 How to Store Crypto Collectibles/NFTs
09:46 Dapp Browser
10:11 How to Use Trust Wallet Swap
10:45 How to Trust Wallet Exchange
11:23 Trust Wallet Settings
11:48 How to Use WalletConnect

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  1. Can someone answer this pls?
    So if i stake 1 bnb(500$ atm) with apr 20% does that mean that after 1 week i will have 600$? Also is there any risk in staking ? Thank you in advance

  2. I bought BNB 4 days ago and still not showed up in my wallet. I can't find it anywhere.

  3. how long to send ethereum from binance to trust wallet? because I receive nothing for 12 hours
    please Help

  4. S.O.S .. ok I downloaded this wallet ones and for some reason I got a glitch after I had It downloaded and I deleted the app, I downloaded the app again ( using same email ) an finally worked good, bought some crypto and everything was fine until I got another glitch, deleted app and uploaded a new another one and now after I “recovered” the app is bringing me to the first app that I had no money vested not the second one that I have money vested ( I do have all words from the 2 times ) question is, how can I recover the app that I have money invested ? Frustrated 😞

  5. Bitcoin is the future investing in it now is the wisest thing to do now especially with the current rise

  6. When using the exchange function is it using the binance exchange? are the fees higher for using the wallets exchange feature than say using binance itself?

  7. Been using Trust Wallet since I got into crypto this year, and didn't realise it was official Binance wallet. I did try using it for BSC DEXs like PancakeSswap, but found "Wallet Connect" to be really flaky and Binance Smart Chain Wallet extension was much much more reliable. Otherwise I like the app itself as a wallet.

  8. The narrator has a strong hint of Essex ( or possibly Sahf Lahndan) in her accent.

  9. Hi, does our crypto alter in value along with the real time fluctuations In a wallet and can you convert easily into other crypto like you might do on coinbase? Thanks

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