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How To Win At Chess

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Hello and welcome okay so yet another YouTube video where I’m gonna tell you how to win a chest but this time her Prodigy student is gonna be doing the winning is this worth it no not don’t don’t bring the broke here remember what we studied Rook on the

Seventh ring don’t let them come up please oh it work it’s fine because the Rook is the time no no but that was oh no I told you don’t give him Central please what oh it’s fine oh oh oh it’s not that bad okay but the bishop takes no but it’s

Lost the bishop no Bishop Bishop takes okay now we got Bishop C3 or 85. okay let’s be honest we cannots um two Rooks the queen when the pawn pushes and the people don’t you need it baby don’t you uh no okay never sack a two Rooks against

A queen when your opponent has passed Pawns good she promotes oh check check oh it’s a draw it’s a draw check check go for it Andre Check Yes remove check remove check yes yes oh there’s a mate okay Chuck yes it’s a draw go for it Chad chat wow oh wait actually no

My gosh no but no okay she still has I don’t want to draw but I think I need to because I’m losing yeah I’m losing you do need to damn it okay we’re just gonna take the draw or the mates if he goes on jiwan yeah

All right I’m turning on Dina oh gosh she looks disappointed

Andrea shows her coach (Dina Belenkaya) how to win at chess

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  1. It's like when you hit a hole in one, … but then you realize your golf ball is still on the tee, and you've just been watching someone else's ball sink in the hole.

  2. Now I’m gonna imagine this is what the Stockfish eval bar sounds like. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO oh wait.”

  3. I love the Rollercoaster of emotions her coach experiences after almost every move

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