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HUGE Altcoin Potential: Ethereum (ETH), Quant (QNT), TomoChain (TOMO), (KAVA)

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Bitcoin is still fighting to reach an new all time high. So in the meantime, let’s examine some of the altcoin projects that will SOAR during the next alt cycle. In this video we analyze Ethereum (ETH), Tomochain (TOMO), Quant (QNT) AND Kava.

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⏰ Timestamps
0:00 Intro
0:56 New Altcoin Buzz Logo and $200 Bitcoin Giveaway
2:58 Tomochain TOMO
3:42 Quant QNT
4:20 Ethereum ETH
5:23 KAVA


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  1. It’s all in the Bitcoin dominance. Last major bull run Bitcoin dominance was half what is now. Altcoin trading pairs against Bitcoin (X/BTC) are heavily undervalued and will sky rocket when the next alt season comes around (weather or not its soon). Look at XRP/BTC chart last week…

  2. check remme and the next team proyect Penut a DeFi Price Balancer That Increases Crypto LP Income

  3. Pls take a look ad Insolar ( Xns )
    They dropt like 99%, and now they introduce some radical changes.

  4. Quant is easily the biggest sleeper of all. If you’re looking to quit the 9-5 early, go all-in.

  5. @PeanutTrade is a project that can maximize your profits significantly for liquidity mining. Get $NUX tokens for providing liquidity to any pools on Uniswap

  6. Get into QNT now because as soon as the treasury starts buying up tokens for clients with such a small circulating supply it's going to fly up

  7. Nice picks, thanks! Would like to (eventually) see videos on ORN, INJ, and SYNLev. These are all newer low-cap coins, but think we are looking at some big moves up. Thanks!

  8. Guys, you are tired, before doing reviews, you first read about FBC13 algorithm

  9. Author, the best thing you can do is to invest in FBC fund and dont worry about rates

  10. Sleeping Monster = HTR
    Most underrated with less than 2 million supply = IPM
    Thank me next year 😉

  11. Follow AAXExchange and atlcoinbuzzio on which site please? And also reply on which site please?

  12. Thanks for the very short and sweet technical analysis figures with no unnecessary padding.

  13. kava has small supply 45 million, bitcoin 17.5 million, etherium 105 million…..Kava share price is $3 Aud and it will be exploded to 100X because good inverstor look at smaill supply and share price ….Kava will attract a lot of big investors soon…..imagine Kava market cap reach $20 Billion……

  14. personally, there's so many great new projects out there and Kava has been left on the sidelines.
    Projects like synthetix, aave, compound, polkadot, Link, theta etc are getting so much attention

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