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HUGE Helium Information… HNT Investors & Miners Need To Know This

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I have been mining Helium HNT for years now, its a crypto you can earn passive income with, using radio waves. Alex from Tactical Investing has been mining Helium as well! Today we discuss the good, bad and ugly future of Helium HNT… Sub for more! http://voskco.in/Sub

Check out Alex on Tactical Investing YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/c/TacticalInvesting
Alex’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/tacticalinvest_
Vosk’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/VoskCoin
Bobcat sells LORA and 5G Helium miners – https://voskco.in/HNTb

Helium went from being an eco-friendly exciting new coin to mine, to a cryptocurrency surrounded in controversy I mean even Amir Haleem the Helium Inc nova labs CEO says Helium will continue its migration to the Solana SOL blockchain regardless of its disgusting centralized ownership and involvement with Alemeda Research and FTX with puppet master SBF Sam Bankman-Fried… Is Helium doomed, or is this just a bump in the road for HNT investors and miners? At least Helium miners can mine several different shitcoins now lol :shrug:

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 VoskCoin x Tactical Investing Interview
02:37 Beginning of Helium HNT mining
06:27 Helium miner manufacturer secrets
11:52 Difficulties of being a Helium content creator
17:27 Helium controversies revealed
21:50 Helium moving to Solana
26:16 5G vs IOT mining Helium
33:00 VoskCoin x Synchrob.it miner controversy
39:15 Bad actors in the HNT mining space
45:00 Should you mine Helium 5G?
51:25 Helium affiliate marketing secrets
01:00:04 What it’s like being a crypto YouTuber
01:13:09 Advice on getting into crypto now!

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  1. Wow 34 cents a kw please give me those prices again, for the next 2 months i am paying 89cents a kwatt.
    I am from the Netherlands so we do get some government support but it's super expensive right now

  2. Saw this video was an hour and twenty minutes and thought – no way am I going listen to all that! But it was so interesting that I listened straight through from the Controversies all the way to the end.

  3. This grease ball tryna get funding for making videos he already is going to get paid by YouTube to do… videos he already had plans on making for content….. fucking greasy grease ball

  4. La Sra. Tessa es legítima y su método funciona como magia. Sigo ganando cada semana con su nueva estrategia.

  5. I did not expect these guys to discuss this together…. omg thank goodness. Matt Light is the fraudster behind the Synchrobit North America. Matt Light is based out of Markham, Ontario. File your police reports…. it's time to go full bounty hunter.

  6. Helium is a load of shite. Vosk you shilled me that piece of shit Nebra miner that still hasn't arrived – two years after I paid for it

  7. In a multiple of counselor is safety. I'm Bullish on Helium and 5G. Thanks for your perspective, but I believe in Helium. Right now HNT is on sale.

  8. You were One of the reason why this scam called hnt has take off, would be good ti hear a Word of apology from you!

  9. Hi Vosk, what do you think of DPR deeper network DPN and mining? I think you have never mentioned them. Just wondering.

  10. As an FCC licensee, I feel I should file criminal charges against the Helium organization and force their shutdown in the United States for fraudulent practices.

  11. Helium has been a scam since 2020. The org allowed location spoofing all of 2021 which robbed all the legit miners of rewards for the entire year. 100% loss for me.

  12. Is there anything else you do with a helium miner, go3 3 sitting at home doing nothing, 5 still up and running

  13. Nice content man, thanks for sharing, and keep up the good work, and hope the market gets greener

  14. im mining with old laptop dell latud i mining menero and have lots of number to ming useing EO finace miner is this a good chois or not ???

  15. Soooo…my HNT is worthless now since I'm not on the new 5G miners??? Am I hearing that right? I hope not, otherwise that sucks..

  16. Drew, Another great video it’s like the Sammy Hagar “Road Show” hopefully you can get Ben on and interview him on how his mistakes made him such a rich man.


  17. I have invested on presale, we will see I am also very confident this will be easiest 100x.

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