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Hunter Biden story was 'censored' by federal agencies, media: Rep. Mace

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Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., joined ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss the GOP’s oversight plans after it takes the majority in January. #FoxNews

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  1. Taking money from foreign powers such as China & Russia for influence peddling is TREASON.

  2. Just like CRIMINAL HILLARY… All the showboating and Congressional questioning MEANS NOTHING if people don't go to PRISON FOR THEIR CRIMES!!!

  3. WE ALL KNOW that the LEFTISTS in news and social media CENSORED the Hunter story, and they PROPAGANDIZED it as "Russian disinformation" when it was AUTHENTICATED.. even BEFORE the election, Federal agencies KNEW Hunter's laptop was LEGITIMATE

  4. Anderson Lee Aldrich grandson of ex elected California republican politician randy voepel shots and kills five people in Colorado springs.more right wing media inciting violence

  5. There clearly was a MASS CONSPIRACY to cover up the many crimes of Hunter Biden and "10% for the Big Guy" Joe.

  6. And yet if the one who did this was the son of Donald Trump the Demoncraps would have investigated this 100 different ways and Trump's boy would be in prison for life, but it is Joe Biden's child so they tend to ignore this crime with foreign powers who want to see the destruction of the United States.

  7. The FBI should change to the FBS….they are covering up instead of investigating….so BS would be more accurate

  8. Amazing video and thank you for breaking it down!! Despite the economic downturn, I'm so happy 😊I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $9,000 investment every 21days.

  9. The Democrats went after all the Trump children and their business dealings. But if it's against a Democrat it is playing politics

  10. Eita Glória á DEUS ALELUIA é deste jeito Estados Unidos livres das carniças comunistas cadeia prá tds eles e linpeza geral

  11. You aren’t telling Americans anything we didn’t already know!! The Democratic Party and the KGB NON JUSTICE DEPARTMENT are in lockstep with each other!! Their joint goal is to suppress the truth and persecute republicans and conservatives!!

  12. Garland acts stupid, he knows what's going on . All top Dems are in on the take. Follow the money 💰

  13. Good old checks & balances,due diligence…Welcome home,where have y'all been? Got to ask,did y'all see justice anywhere?
    Been missing for a while.
    Everyone misses all of you.

  14. Oversight is an Underestimted Understatement. They need to go through the Books on illegal immigration !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I hear that 9 out of 10 Republicans say that Hunter Biden’s laptop is a bigger problem than inflation.

  16. The FBI stopped the hunter Biden storymmif they had not covered it up..Biden would not be president..Biden is compromised .corrupt ..liar..

  17. the left don't care, they all know that the bidet family is corrupt but as long as they're in power, it's OK. everything and anything is acceptable as far as they're concerned, whatever means necessary to keep dems in office


  19. Here comes the @GOP paper tiger again. A bunch of BS they are acting concerned but nothing will happen because in DC they all protect each other. How many of them should be in prison and nothing has ever happened and nothing will. Congress is corrupt from the ground up. Just remember I said this, when in 1 year nobody is in prison and or they simply refuse to answer, or the @FBI simply lies all over again, or the @DOJ simply refuse to prosecute. Nothing will come of this . Only if you or I were involved we would be locked up in the deepest darkest dungeon the feds could find. A place the Biden s the Clintons, the Comeys, the Podesta's will never ever ever see or feel the heat. Wake up America it's past time to remove and replace.

  20. old man should be removed from office until investigators find if U S is compromised…..fbi should be fired now,,,why is laws just for the poor people……

  21. Fox have not yet claimed any crime committed by Hunter after years of baseless claims about him.


  22. FBI created FAKE News stories about Russian collusion, then BLOCKED true stories about the Biden Crime Family. Election interference by unelected deep state. These traitors deserve to be paraded directly to bespoke GALLOWS.

  23. Clear reason for impeachment if for nothing else but using the fbi to strong arm (using that term loosely) the media to bury the story so as to win the election.

  24. So will it be a song and dance or will they actually get something done and send some people to prison. Fact is is nobody has any faith that Justice will be served because the GOP is weak. Full of Bluster, bravado, and no actual action. They make a show but don't actually ever do anything but help the enemy.

  25. The American people want Revenge on Biden, Better give it to them , his Job On A Silver Platter.

  26. Nothing will ever happen unless other News outlets print all this evidence. It has to be more than FOX.

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